NYT:Who Is Stacey Abrams? The Face of the Democrats’ SOTU Response


Stacey Abrams will be the first black woman and the first nonsitting public official to deliver the rebuttal. Here’s what you need to know about her.



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Selecting someone who refused to accept the outcome of her failed election…how utterly ironic.

Whamo Justice

After she eats all the children on the playground, she flosses with a jump rope.

Whamo Justice

wtf? did she eat the rest of her family?

Rob Perry

She's a sore loser and a dimwit and she's been chosen because she's another victim of the country's war on women and their aspirations. Clueless New York Times! Did everyone see the hilarious takedown of the Times' dumb Bari Weiss lately? Why is that woman on a newspaper's staff?


Our president is getting ready to speak and your story is about a fatter aunt Jemima. Jesus Christ

369 Rising

In case you didn't get the memo: Republiklans are cheating & cheaters never win.

Cat Lubber

The Dems and the left love their losers. This is a participation award for Abrams.

Tareq AJ

Identity politics will destroy American politics.

Kenneth B Trevias

Who is Stacy Adams? Hmmm- I don't know- a candidate for a weight loss program ad

Debra Fogarty

This is a joke, right? She owes hundreds of thousands of dollars, lost an election..so how is she the best you have? Like polosi is the best you have? Lmao

Alexandre Mayet

Every two day we can see a new ''democrats raising star''… From my foreigner point of view, it looks like their is nobody obvious to fave Trump for the next election so far…


You mean the fat, leftist, tax cheat, student loan debtor, sore loser, from Georgia who flosses with clothes line?

Ralph Northam

Me and Cuomo should be the ones on the stage, giving the real direction of the Democratic party!



She kinda looks like Hugo Chavez.


No, it's Ralph Northam in costume with attendant in hood. The party of racism, the Klan, black genocide, is and always has been the Democrat party.

H Pn

Harris is a loser too.


I voted for her!

Gavin Morris

She looks like she has diabetes lmao

Kate P

You go girl!

Tony Boggs

I tried to donate to the add to defund planned parenthood, but they didn't have the number.  Priceless when I asked for it.

wa fou

lol….Fast Food Abrams!
Dems are now promoting Hollywood's failed candidate.
GA. just doesn't allow illegal aliens to vote.


She lost her election. Why is she speaking tonight?

Laurie Kilner

Stacey Abraham’s Rocks.


A BIG nothing burger.

H Pn

She's a loser.
Socialist loser.