1. this is a little over-exaggerated. i believe that organic foods are better for you because of no pesticide residue or things like that. most people that eat organic foods aren’t retarded like this picture assumes.

  2. Yes, but belief is not science. That’s the point of the meme. As much hullabaloo as there is about GMO foods, the issue more about companies like Monsanto wanting to make their seeds resistant to their own pesticides that’s the big issue, rather than the health issues of the GMO foods themselves. In fact, GMO and hybrid crops are actually saving a lot of lives in famine-prone places around the third world.

    And what does the meme say? It says that organic foods will ward off the flu. Which is indeed bunk. And yes, I’ve had people tell me that it does. It doesn’t even go into the GMO territory. Sorry, but I don’t think the meme is assuming what you say it is. Maybe you’re just reading too much into it? 😛

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