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I take it you don’t agree with him when he says that money should be spend on cancer research, education, etc??

He’s right about starting a war to kill it


Wow he actually touted on scientific research, maybe he’s just going bananas…

Tell him to write letters to Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar.

I would’ve thought he’d say we can colonize it then talk to the Martians about Jesus.

Those little green men won’t stand a chance ! OMFG the stupid hurts !!!

I take it that you don’t know the definition of a strawman argument. You know, like the one you’re making right now? 🙂

If a planet like Earth can’t produce intelligent life, what chance does Mars have?

Holes In the Foam I’m of the opinion that we should have scrapped the F-35 program from the beginning, and split the costs between NASA and medical research. Then everyone (besides the war hawk cunts and weapons developers) would be happy.

Martin, any money spent on anything other than the F-35 (or any other ripoff war product for that matter) would have been better spent. 😛

That is so good !!!!

I agree on all except cancer research. We already have the cure,and have for a long time. Possibly AIDS too. I mean, how the hell is Magic Johnson still alive?

I actually agree with him on this. As fascinating as space is, we have so many problems here on Earth. However there are also billions of dollars wasted on wars, churches, politicians and big business as well as a multitude of other areas. So in actual fact the money spent on space exploration is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money wasted in other areas of our society.

So none of the research and innovation done by NASA over the years have helped the medical industry, Ray?