Oh so now Da Don wants a sit-down…


Trump invites Democrats, Republicans to meet as government shutdown drags on

President Trump is holding two major meetings as the partial government shutdown continues. He’ll be huddling with his Cabinet and has invited congressional leaders to meet at the White House. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports Democrats are skeptical as to whether the meeting is a serious effort at negotiation. Also, CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe discusses what Democrats will propose once they officially take control of the House of Representatives.



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Yovani Rodriguez

I’m find it disturbing how trump supporters support the government shutdown and yet blame the Democratic Party for the shutdown.

Chili Knight

Oh so NOW he wants to have a meeting with democrats seeing as how his childish rant has done nothing to improve the situation. We need better security and stricter border patrol, NOT a damn wall that people can go AROUND IT.

Zurab Gagnidze

go Trump do your thing !!! People have faith in you

George P

One things for sure, when you have a wall, nobody gets through. Especially these ignorant
parents who put their children in danger. Democrats, make it possible for kids to be brought along and put in danger, cause the adults think they will have a better chance of entry, having a child. And I wonder, how many of those children have been kidnapped from their real
parents. Thank the Democrats for making this loophole possible.

Puttentane Same

Is the Idiot-in-Chief gone yet?


Chip Reid looks like Bryan Cranston and Bill Hader had a baby. I mean that in a nice way.

Jamar's Room

Trump is the Orange Toad

Big Bad

The sole governing body to create a viable operating budget is congress and it has to be approved by the president so both congress and potus are to blame. Political grandstanding, but this is how to get it done as every president in history has used it.

Billy Huxell

Please tell me when the last time the government shut down?


Trumps a boss. The democrat leaders are hella fake. Its just hard to trust them.

peter Eat-her

I thought all Republican was on board with the wall ? Who are these Republican ?.. Traders just like the Democrats….


The shutdown is caused by a disagreement over funding for a stronger border wall. Even though the shutdown itself it not important to the average citizen the media use it to sell product. It is not a complicated issue – you either want a more effective wall at a cost of 5 billion or you don't.


Looks like CBS employs the same trolls as CNN does. We are wise to your liberal propaganda tactics. We know you pay people to troll YouTube and other social media to try to persuade people to hate Trump. It's not working

Solex Kilmeister

Libtards think that this is Trump’s shutdown. It’s not. It’s Pelosi/Schumer shutdown. Their the main reason for it.

Jaguar Kaboom

CBS News is trash…… and your fake comment section is pathetic. Real Americans know better than to trust your garbage propaganda.

Sunny D

Its like when a child threatens to take their ball and go home on the playground this is the "Adult" version…but with a Wall.

Bailey Henderson

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David Rook

Worthless meeting, Democrats would rather protect filthy illegal thugs that killed an officer. Democrats are the real traitors to this country.


Trump > CBSfakeNews


SHAME ON BULLY SCHUMER ! ! He’s putting politics ahead of our country’s sovereignty and security.


Mexico you mean me the tax payers pay for that wall?