Oh so NOW he’s promising action. Gotcha…


Meeting diplomats serving at the Vatican, Pope Francis promised action on clerical abuse.



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I'm glad the Holy Father is doing this. It needs to be done. And don't fool yourself, sex abuse is happening all over the world from the Catholic Church to your own family BBQ.

pat d

Pope himself has covered up for pediphile clergy according to sexual abuse victims in his native land..so he now lacks credibility. ..supposedly, he knew mc carrick was a pervert and did nothing about it..remember McCarrick bought a lot of money into the church coffers and money appears to carry power…this institution has been harboring perverted clergy for centuries. .it's just now coming to light…


and here come the teens fans of taylor marshall happy to spread whatever slander against the Pope they found online without any evidence for it, not realizing their baseless judgement is a grave sin, yet pretending to be moral catholics

Chris Chung

Pope promises action on himself.


The pope is part of the problem and his hypocrisy for his so-called zero tolerance policy. He needs to resign. He's too slow removing these homosexual predators. I was solicited by three priests in my lifetime and one sexually assaulted me. So I feel I have every right to say something.