Oh yeah, “freedom”. It’s a beautiful thing. Lock and load fellas! :/




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Australia has freedom, not many guns though.
Odd that….

No, that’s what psychopaths look like. The picture you posted is what over-generalizing looks like.

Australia’s crime rate versus gun ownership is about the same as most countries that ban guns, which is to say, just as bad as everyone else.

Hey Martin, guess what? You have no fucking idea of what you’re talking about! 😀

And guess what else? If you can’t accept that guns are a real problem in the US that the rest of the developed world (including Australia) doesn’t have, then you’re just another ideologue in denial. And no, it doesn’t help you’re from Texas. 😛

BTW, have you ever been to Australia? I was just there for a month. And no, their crime rate, particularly violent crime, is RIDICULOUSLY low compared to the US.


Across the board. Funny how a country that pays high wages and has a strong economy doesn’t really have to deal with crime all that much. 😛

No, only to an ideologue gun-loving goober who can’t handle the truth. 😛

I know, I’m a gun lovin Texan til’, the end, y’hear? I know we both want the same thing: no more gun violence. To be honest, as a gun owner, these shootings are just as horrifying to me, but it’s fuckers like those shown in these pictures who make us look bad.

Ok, that was a slight hyperbole, but in my opinion, I’m with Ben Franklin on this one.

Well, stop bitching at me about it Martin. And start bitching at the parties and organizations that can make a fucking difference. Don’t blame me because the truth hurts. The US (and yes, more so TEXAS) is a fucking mess with this gun situation. Until responsible gun owners get off their asses and start demanding REAL changes, shit is only going to get worse. I travel alot. And I for one am getting tired of explaining to people in other civilized countries why we’re such idiots about so much shit. Particularly when it comes to our embarrassing gun statistics. If… Read more »

I look at Detroit, L.A., Washington DC, Brooklyn, Chicago and yes, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso when it comes to gun control and crime statistics. And I also know that with the rates of gun ownership in America, fighting to become like Britain in that sense is a losing battle. Whether it’s a plane, nerve gas, a car, a bomb, or a gun, people who want to kill others will do it.

Shit it’s late here in ol’ Texas. I’m down to continue tomorrow. I’ll stand up for what I believe all day every day. I’m curious as to what your stance is on Israel, to throw some proverbial flames on the fire.

Martin… NRA bullshit drivel is NOT ALLOWED HERE. Those are assertions you just made have been laughed off this page long ago. Stop with the ideologue gun-goober talk, and just be a big boy and admit that the US is a fucking mess when it comes to guns. You just tried to pass off some LAUGHABLE bullshit about Australia’s crime rate, got called on it, and now you’re on NRA-talking points about cities and gun control. Please. If you can’t make an intelligent, original argument based on real facts, then do us all a favor and just stop. I don’t… Read more »

Incidentally, just so you understand my stance clearly, I’m not at all for banning guns in the US. That’s not practical. What I AM for, is stopping with this 2nd amendment bullshit. It’s archaic and obsolete. The British are not coming anymore. Time for the US to grow up. Owning guns should be a PRIVILEGE, no more or less than driving a fucking car. All this “rights” bullshit needs to go bye bye. If and when the US has the BALLS to advance into modern times, the 2nd Amendment needs to be CHANGED. You know, just like we changed the… Read more »

Yes, I can read a thesaurus just as well as you can. I was actually interested in our conversation, due to our differences. I was actually saddened to see your page turn from funny antitheist commentary into a pathetic bitter rant, but whatever. Must be fun, I guess.

You can read? Wow… for a Texan, that’s like a miracle… 😛 You must be new around here Martin, my blog covers MANY topics, not just atheism. Sorry if my page is too non-one-dimensional for you. It’s how I roll. And if I sound bitter, you also missed something there too. That’s called PASSION, not bitterness. Don’t worry, as a Texas goober, I don’t expect you to understand the difference. I gave up on the US a long time ago. A decade ago to be exact. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see my home country turn its… Read more »

Paul Scearce This is my family’s dog, enjoying his freedom in the backyard. In the background is something that is vitally important to allow that freedom: A fence. Before we got the fence, his freedom was much more limited. We could only allow him outside on a leash. It is possible he could be more free being outside with neither the leash, nor the fence. That freedom would include: the freedom to be hit by a car, the freedom from regular meals, the freedom from veterinarian care etc. It is also possible that there are more options than the fence… Read more »

congrats on making a long text twice as long and half as interesting

Thanks. Fixed, I hope.

OP is a moron with bad numbers and bad facts. Australia has a huge problem with violence, and alcohol related violence at that. Deal with it.

Hell no, USA more people die from guns than the rest of the world combined except the ones at war.