Ok, so this gave me a MAJOR flashback….


I had this very exact thing happen to me once when I was waitering some 20+ years ago (read below). I figured he was going to try to stiff me, so I watched him very closely after paying his tab. I caught it in seconds, and chased the asshole down out in the parking lot. He was very smug about it, acting as if he knew what he was doing, and that he would be able to talk his way out of it. I looked him in the eye, with his batty wife nervously looking on, as I talked in a grave tone. It had a been a rough shift and I was in no mood for this shit. I told him in no uncertain terms, that either he tip me properly, or that I will beat his ass right then and there. I assured him that I will make sure to make the beating worth the jail time.

After he feebly tried to play it down and even proselytize to me even more for a couple of minutes, I moved in. I made it beyond clear that I would make good on my threat. He acquiesced with his palms up and gave me a real $20. Trembling and shaking. It was a golden moment.

People who pull this shit, deserve no less than a punch in the face and total humiliation:

This $10 Tip Is Not The Best Way To Show Your Gratitude To Your Server

By Chris Morran on November 21, 2011 11:15 AM

For a waiter who depends on tips to earn more than minimum wage, a $10 tip can be a welcome sight. But not in this instance.

As the waiter found out in the below image posted on Reddit, not only was that $10 bill not the real deal, it only made the matter worse with its “Some Things Are Better Than Money” religious message on the back.

“I have never been more of an atheist,” writes the waiter, who will likely do horrible things to that diner’s food if they ever dared to return. Read On…


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