Ok, so we’re on MeWe now!


Thanks to some great feedback and suggestions from our wonderful fans and supporters, we’ve implemented MeWe! It’s another great way of extending our reach while reducing our dependency on social media mafia.

And I must say… I like it. I like it a lot.

No ads, no data pimping, no data tracking, no nothing.

They’re quite upfront about the fact that they refuse to shill their users’ info, unlike a couple of other social media platforms that shall remain unnamed.

They charge for pages for websites and businesses, which at least for now seems to be a reasonable cost. And thanks to the fact that we already have a couple of generous patrons, it’s that support which is helping to fund this new development.

I really like the fact that we have total control over a lot of things that we simply don’t have available to us on FB or even Twitter.

So we’ll give it a shot to see how it goes. I still need to figure out how to link the page up to our blog so content stays sync’ed with our updates, but we’ll find a solution. In the meantime, Sarah and I will be updating it manually a couple of times a day.

So check out our new page here:

You’ll see where to set up your account, it’s FREE!

And please remember, we need your patron support to help us take this site to the next level.

Please consider supporting us for as little as about .03 a day ($1 a month!) via Patreon.

I promise you that we will use every penny of those funds towards cool new stuff with our site, to improve our community and get more original content out here by your dedicated admins, as well as worthy writers and creators.

Just go here to visit our Patreon page, and select the Holer option that works for you! You can also click on the handy-dandy button you see on the sidebar. You can even tip us with Bitcoin (just click on the tippin.me button!)


Thanks for your support, and please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. It’s because of you that we’re getting all this done! 🙂


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