Sorry this kind of shit only happens in the US and fucked up banana republics…


Oklahoma Police Shoot Teen Dead, Then Charge Her Boyfriend With Murder


There is an official story being told about the shooting death of 19 year old Karen Cifuentes. Police say that they witnessed a drug deal taking place in the parking lot of a video store. They say that nine officers descended on the three suspects who were engaging in the drug deal. They say the officers were dressed in plain clothes, but were wearing clearly visible police vests. In one version of the official story, one of the suspects, Shenderrick Cleveland, surrenders without a fight. In another version Cleveland tries to flee the scene, but is apprehended. Police say that 19 year old Karen Cifuentes and her boyfriend, 24 year old Juan Aguilera Perez, attempted to flee the scene in a vehicle. They say Cifuentes, who was driving the vehicle, struck an officer, Jeran Stevens, who then fired his weapon, hitting and killing Cifuentes.

Police say that officer Stevens was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released. They want it to be known that Stevens is an eight year veteran of the police force. They also want it to be known that Aguilera had 36 prior arrests, although the girl who was shot by Stevens, Karen Cifuentes, had no prior history with the law.
That’s the official story, -the one that the police released in their ‘official police statements.’ It’s also the one which has been repeated verbatim by various media outlets, seemingly without question.

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