Open Challenge to All Creationists… – VIDEO


The sole requirement is that the article be from a peer-reviewed journal (no Discovery Institute crap and no popular science).



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HogTie Champ

It’s a good idea — I’ve tried it — it never comes to pass. I tried it first with NephilimFree, later with a few others including Jason Burns (where the topics were open to areas outside science), and most recently with Truetalktv and Tommy Hall. Each of these fellows (and others) are among the few creationists who come into conversations claiming to have read and understood research findings. Of course, they don’t bring the research up for discussion, but instead *simply tell us* that the papers say this and that. I thought it would be interesting to journal club with… Read more »

Ozymandias Ramses II

Great idea. And you can add me to your subscriber count.
– Ozy

Jim Gardner

See that one down vote? I guarantee it’s from a guy called Tommy Hall, who has made it his mission in life to insist that “evolutionists” refuse to accept precisely the sort of challenge being presented here. He should be on the panel, so he can present the evidence he claims to have, but which he has refused to present. I also guarantee that he will demand that in order for him to do this, you must first present to him the very same evidence for evolution which has been given to him over and over again but which he… Read more »

Epicurus A. Greek

Hey +Evan Phillips, you game?

Deep Ashtray

Good idea, but Creationists/ID proponents don’t do scientific research.
They only try to come up with the flaws in legitimate research that might
fit into their pigeon hole. Seriously, look at someone like Jason Lisle; If
anyone can conceive of an experiment or come up with empirical evidence to
support either intelligent design or a 6,000 year old universe, it’s him.
But all he offers is speculation at best. Finding science wrong doesn’t
make anyone’s pet assertions right.

Jonathan Pebble

Yeah, I can see why you’d want to do something like this. It certainly trumps treading over well-covered ground. Kalam Cosmological argument has been done to death. Teleogical arguments are terrible. But it just doesn’t happen. I wouldn’t claim victory when it doesn’t, either, because that has no point. You just have to wait for people like Megan Fox or [insert exceedingly obscure crazy person] to post something crazy. Or you have to wait for actual science that maybe might support some kind of metaphysical tomfoolery. In fact, yeah, that might be a better idea: scour the science community for… Read more »

Muskoka Man

More power to ya man! I have a suspicion though that your charm & knowledge
will be met with only speculation & ill-founded rhetoric. BTW How in FUCK
did you get 625 subs already???


Lets do

It isn’t uh peer reviewed, but the articles in it are!

Hugh Jarce

I wouldn’t hold your breath as you will probably die.

Caesar Augustus

Religion is such a crutch..

Gluteus Invictus

Genesis 1:1. BOOM! Checkmate, evolutionist!

Alan W

It sounds like a wonderful idea, here’s the problem though… hard core
creationists are completely impervious to facts, evidence, and reason
contrary to their religious worldview. You would have a better chance of
reaching a sack of doorknobs than getting a creationist to admit they could
be wrong.


I’ll be watching with my Bonkers Bingo card for all the wails of
‘Scientism’, ‘God-stuff essence’ and ‘quantum mind emergent spacetime’!

Jungle Jargon

You don’t understand biology or the claims of evolution. Biology is
billions of digits of significantly sequenced written directives and
proteins that can never sequence or transform themselves and the claim of
evolution is that they did.

Darius "Just Another Atheist" M

Can non scientists join in? I wanna hear whats going on an learn some
stuff. If its live, then no worries :)


This would be fun – if they can come up with anything. Perhaps +tommy hall
would like to review the papers he’s so het up about.


Anyone have the bullocks? 

Prudent Discourse

I once tried to read a paper with NephilimFree, and he absolutely refused
to read anything past the abstract.


I’ll be amazed if anyone responds.

Also you have 616 subscribers at the time of typing they should stay away
from you, number of the beast!!!

Cosmic Life

An interesting proposal. I don’t know how well this type of approach will
turn out but I think it’s worth a shot. From my experience with internet
creationists they either a) haven’t read the paper (just the abstract) or
b) don’t understand it. Typically they’ll get a summary of the paper from
AiG, ICR, or ENV. 

Ryan K

Yeah….. Good luck with that…. Most of the people on the theist side
wouldn’t know an education if it slapped them in their fucking face.. The
only thing they “have” is to bitch about how evolution isn’t science…

lucia jennings

Oh, this is good. People like tommy and nephi are constantly citing papers
they haven’t read. I really hope at least one or 2 do this. But they
probably won’t. :(


Journal Club will happen here! 

Stoney Sparks

+G Man +vekl +Arcane Logos +TrueEmpiricism