Opinions, Debates, and me…


Over the years in my internet-life and beyond, I’ve developed a keen sense of debate. I love debate. Sometimes I even crave it. Some may think I’m a bit overzealous or extreme when it comes to debating anything. I don’t really get that.

First of all, I only really like to debate about things that I actually know something about. If I actually have an opinion about a particular topic or issue, it’s because I’ve taken the time to actually learn something about it. If I pass on a debate, or engage rather meekly, then it’s simply because I don’t know enough about the subject matter to engage. So be warned that if you choose to get into a debate or any kind of confrontational discussion with me, that if I’m engaging you, it’s because I actually KNOW SOMETHING about what I’m talking about. If you do as well, then we’re going to have a swell time. However, if you don’t, then please don’t beg me for mercy when you run out of counter-arguments, and won’t concede.

Second of all, dare I say, I’ve actually found myself changing my viewpoint or opinion after engaging in a spirited debate with someone intelligent and articulate. It’s happened a few times in fact. Usually about something science or nature-related. Never anything about religion or spirituality. In any case, I do think I’m at least somewhat willing to hear the other side out long enough to see if I can actually learn anything.

I’ve watched debates on TV, in pubs, in parks and other places, and I gotta say, there is such little GOOD debating being done anywhere. In fact, I relish good debates when they happen because they are so damn rare these days. It’s funny though, how people, particularly people who like to wear their college sheepskin on their sleeves, like to think that they know enough about something to debate about it. Those are the kind of people that I usually take great pleasure in smearing all over the pavement with facts and educated opinions of my own.

I know this comes across as me being overly cocky about this particular subject. I wouldn’t call myself cocky, just passionate sometimes about things that matter. And isn’t that what we need in these bizarre, trying times? People who are passionate about things that matter?

But that’s just my opinion.


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Yeah, I like a good debate as well, but unlike Tony, who only likes to debate if he knows all the facts, hell, I’ll throw my weight around in a debate just for the sake of debating, ha.