Oprah and her confusion with god, and “awe” – VIDEO



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Not the same thing at all. Conception has happened, death has not. Making concrete assertions about things which you can not possibly have knowledge or reliable evidence about is foolish and more often wrong than not.


Several hundred thousand years ago the only significant non-essential artifacts they’ve found (not weapons or tools) are small female – well, most are female, a few appear neutral or bi-gendered – ‘poppets’ – small deity figurines of what are probably some sort of goddess. Around and before the 200K+ year-mark, there are no clear-cut male human deities – but predominantly human female figurines. Plus, many of those “animal” deities were goddesses – read “The Language of the Goddess” for more…

Joe Swamson

I think we live on in the people we’ve affected. Da Vinci, Einstein, Dickens, Shakespeare, Van Gough, and Farnsworth will outlive the vast majority of us because people will still be reading their books, starring in awe at their paintings, and viewing the world through the ideas that they’ve concocted. There is no need for the supernatural, just the works and the love put into the life of a woman or a man.

Joe Swamson

I thought the first “Gods,” that were worshiped were animals (if you look at West African or Aulstralian Aboriginal mythologies, they worshiped things like Spiders, Dingos, and Tigers) and forces of nature (If you look at ancient Chinese mythology they worshiped weather tsunamis and sunshine), in other words either genderless or of unknown genders.

Joe Swamson

It is an unfortunately slow process, but necessary to understand the universe.


remember being conceived….? Nope…death same thing…


Well Oprah, do you have a billin in the bank? Then I call you an afro-american, because you got a billion, I call you white.


Your God(s) do nothing more than create chaos and wars amongst humans. Someday, when mankind evolves enough, your God(s) will join the ranks of the other Gods and become mythological beings in interesting but albeit fairytale stories.

Long live science and the enlightenment that science brings to mankind.


DAMN! lol, true enough. ;]


While god and religion certainly is nonsense, I would point out that you also made a concrete assertion about death.


I can absolutely disprove the Jewish, Christian, & Muslim gods – among a LOT of others… The FIRST deity or deities worshipped are the MOST likely to be the “true god” – actually, goddess… Because goddesses were worshipped LONG before any of these other gods came along. When I’m discussing this with Christian & Muslim apologists, I start by pointing out how recently their holy books were written – the oldest is only around 3,500 years old. The pyramids, Stonehenge, Malta – are all older.


Oh, good grief… Who would listen to Oprah about ANY thing? She’s the twit who kept recommending books that undermined womens’ confidence & self-assurance while supposedly “helping” women – “Beautiful Bones” is a classic example of such a book, and a woman actually stood up from the audience in one of her shows & COMPLAINED about the books she recommends – said they were all so SAD.. She’s about as empty-headed as Sarah Palin…


You are correct madam/sir. In fact God is the Wooden Penguin on a shelf in my living room. Why? Because I said so, that’s why.


It’s a shame the interviewee didn’t give Oprah the same look as David Silverman’s to O’Reilly’s tide-goes-in-tide-goes-out bollocks (i.e. WTF! – are you being serious, you crazy idiot?).


I think the reason Oprah is spewing this bullshit is because she’s caught up in all that Deepak Choprah crap, where god is so loosely defined that it could be almost anything you want it to be. She obviously has no idea what an atheist is and should just shut the hell up.


Oprahs never really been a source for intellegent though in my book. then again we still fighting to get people to admit that evolution has nothing to do with a lack in a belief in a god or gods.


I’ve never viewed Winfrey’s programs, nor have I been inclined to use, read, or purchase any item associated with her or her “brand”.
This video segment substantiates why.

bryan Elexander

Yeah,but she’s a wealthy dipstick.


I used to think Oprah was a stupid dipstick… now I think she is a stupid fucking dipstick.


Nothing better than seeing someone on mainstream TV making concrete assertions about something that cannot be proven.

“The awe, the wonder, the mystery…” AIN’T ‘GAWD’, IT’S WHAT WE DON’T KNOW BUT FASCINATES US! FUCK!! HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS SHIT?! You don’t get to insert deity ‘X’ into an equation you don’t know the answer to… wait until you find out what it really is! ;/

non est deus

“What happens when you die?”

You’re fuckin’ dead, end of story. Next?