Ego-maniac big-game hunting cheerleader. Do I really need to say the state? Really?

Outrage! Texas Cheerleader Hunts Exotic Animals In Hopes Of Getting Her Own Show (Video)

A 19-year-old Texas cheerleader named Kendall Jones is causing an uproar on social media by posting pictures of herself with dead African animals on her Facebook page. And what makes it even more outrageous is that she flashes a beaming smile in each picture, and has said that she wants to host her own big-game hunting television show. She is currently attending Texas Tech, where she is on the cheerleading squad.

Here are some of the pictures on her Facebook page. Jones has two Facebook pages, her own personal one and another created specifically for her hunting pictures and posts. These are from the latter.

Jones, at age 14, proudly posing with a hippo she killed

Jones with an African leopard, an animal that is a near-endangered species

Jones proudly hovering over one of her kills

Jones standing over a dead elephant that she blasted away

not content with killing a lion, Jones rubs it in by sitting on it

Jones with a white springbok. an animal whose meat she is particularly fond ot

Jones posing with a zebra. Notice that in every single picture, she wears makeup. Angling for a future television gig?

While her hunting and animal killing sprees are totally legal, there is something sick and deranged about killing these animals, boasting about it, and then complete with full makeup and beaming smile, posing for pictures which are then uploaded online. It’s all the more egregious that she admits she would like to earn a hosting gig or even her own show out of her hobby.

And like many trophy hunters, she claims that her kills come after a “fair chase”, and that her animal stalking sprees are about about “conservation” and preserving the rest of the animals who get to continue living. We of course are extremely skeptical and believe that her safaris are conducted strictly for her personal desires and ambitions.

Thousands of people have signed an online petition calling for Facebook to remove her photos.

Jones also managed to film some African villagers chopping up an elephant to eat. She claims that the people of Africa are thankful every time she kills one of the gentle creatures because it provides them with food. How charitable of her! Would it not be simpler and more humane to simply donate money or food to them, without wasting elephants and other animals?




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Hell yeah, stupidity at its best.

Stupid bimbo. She should go back to Texas and join in the state pastime, shooting people, then she may know what it feels like.

stupid bitch