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 Pat Robertson Says Violence In The Bible Different From Quran Because ‘God’ (Video)

Pat Robertson has passed the stage of doddering old fool and is currently neck deep into batshit crazy. But I suppose that isn’t news to many of you. This past Monday, Robertson was asked on his 700 Club TV show, how to explain if the genocide committed by the Israelites of the Old Testament is any different from the murderous thugs we know as ISIS or ISIL.

Salon.com posted an article by Luke Brinker rightfully mocking Robertson for his feeble attempt to defend the indefensible. However, Robertson was brutally honest when he first tried to respond to the question. He said, “…when you read the wars of extermination…it takes a lot of explaining”. You’re damn right it does. And the defense that my God is better than your God doesn’t cut it.

For Christians who might not be aware of the origins of their religion I’ve got a little secret for you. Some of the Founders of your faith have other heirs you don’t know about. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim Abraham as the great example of faith in God, the one true God. From Adam to Abraham, the three great religions all have a similar story. After Abe, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

As a matter of full disclosure, I am a recovering right-wing, fundamentalist, evangelical Christian. As a Southern Baptist, I have been washed in the blood at the foot of the cross, my sins forgiven as I walk in the newness of life bound for an eternity of bliss on streets of gold by the Crystal Sea.

I had a falling out with the brethren.

Seems they didn’t really want to feed the hungry or help the needy or do for the less fortunate, but they were highly concerned about developing a new piece of property to use as a family sports complex to attract the targeted demographic who needed to hear the message of the Gospel.

We can pretty well establish that religion is often used as a justification for horrific acts of violence, and that most of the faithful of their respective sects reject the nobler teachings of love, mercy, justice and peace in favor of killing everybody. So why, you might ask, do religious folks do such horrible things in the name of God? Let’s check out Abraham and his relationship with God.

God called Abraham out of his home in Ur of the Chaldeans (modern day Iraq) and Abraham followed on faith. God promised Abe he would give him the son he had not been able to have even though Abe and his wife Sarah were in their nineties, Abraham believed on faith. Sarah laughed.

Sarah and Abe were not content to wait on God, so they concocted a scheme where Abe would sleep with Sarah’s slave hired help, Hagar. In miraculous fashion, and with no help from big phrama, Abe delivered the goods and Hagar had a son. Pissed Sarah off.

Finally the old stud and Sarah had a son and named him Isaac. Then one day when Isaac was older, I think around ten or twelve is what they used to teach us in Sunday School, God says to Abe, hey let’s have a cookout. Bring the boy.

The God of Abraham, the God of the three great mono-theistic faiths, was commanding his one chosen follower out of all humanity, to give his promised son as a burnt offering to prove obedience to a loving and forgiving God. God told Abraham to kill and butcher his son, and burn him on an altar as a sacrifice to God. Abe was in the act of carrying this out when an Angel of the Lord stopped him.

That’s going to take a lot of explaining.

What kind of God would ask for a human sacrifice? What kind of being would ask a father to sacrifice his child? Think about that, the ritual of sacrifice wasn’t just killing the offering, it also had to be butchered and burned on the altar to appease God. Abraham was willing to do this, and for this he is considered to be the example of faith.

You can’t explain that.

Watch Robertson make his inane comments below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.


H/T: Salon

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