Pepper spray. For those moments when tasing a guy having a stroke, just isn’t enough… – VIDEO


Recently released video from police body cameras shows how an officer in Fredericksburg, Virginia used a Taser and pepper-sprayed a man who was suffering from a medical emergency on May 4. Fredericksburg police officer Shaun Jergens resigned on May 14 although he insists he did nothing wrong. Jergens was one of three officers who responded to calls of a hit and run driver going the wrong way down a street. David Washington, 34, was driving a Hyundai that hit a jeep before stopping in the middle of an intersection, reports WTOP. When the officers arrive they demand Washington put his hands up but the driver is nearly motionless and does not say anything. “Get out of the car or I’m going to fucking smoke you,” Jurgens says at one point. Jurgens then draws his Taser before using a huge amount of pepper spray on Washington’s face.

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  • James Siemens
    James Siemens May 26, 2015 at 6:37 am

    Watch your headlines,…. I thought this was about a pig tasing a dude who what’s stroking one out. Either way, what a jack-off

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