Peterson is wrong about morality and atheism Part #2…


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Professor Peterson pretends that a real atheist would be a criminal. He claims that without believing in God, we would lose the foundation of our morality. This is totally false. It is the belief in invisible powers one supposedly has to please that corrupts the morality of a lot of people.

I mean by religion what everybody understands by religion, the belief in an abstract invisible creator you have to please in some way. I will prove this in this video. This follows my first video on Peterson’s wrong teaching about sacrifice. I already established there that religious sacrifice was not the prefiguration of the working hard mindset. I showed that religious sacrifice was in fact a kind of bribe. A superstitious believer tries stupidly to influence invisible powers to do things for him instead of working hard.

Doctor Peterson pretends it is not important if someone consciously believes in God or not. But the fact that one’s value system is not “predicated on a transcendent being” is not a detail one can handwave away. It is not acceptable that Doctor Peterson dismisses that as inessential. The metaphysics have a bitter influence on the ethics. An atheist has no way to escape his moral responsibility. A believer may think that by performing some ritual, by sacrificing something, by praying Allah or by giving money to the church, he can get away with the bad things he is doing. That’s has a lot of consequences on the peace on earth.



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