Handled like true professionals…



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John Yetman

So, to be a police officer in Irving County you have to have a demonstrably low level of intelligence and tolerance. Hmmm.

Paul Scearce

They don’t seem to understand the drive to create.

Rock Pig

Humanity appears to be de-evolving.

Cj Schiwal

So glad I’m not from Texas! I spent two hours in the Dallas fort worth airport 25 years ago only time ever in Texas and it was two hours to long

Holes In the Foam

DFW is the worst. The WORST!

Linda Harding

So.. the police there are retarded….. I sure hope they get slapped with a HUGE lawsuit! This sort of thing should never be allowed!

Andrew Duggan

In fairness, this really seems to be the fault of the school. Although the police have made themselves look idiots too.

Holes In the Foam

Yeah, no. 🙂
The school fucked up, most definitely. MOST definitely. But the police took the clusterfuck to astronomical levels with the way they handled the situation. It was inept on so many levels, it’s Chief Wiggum class.