Pool party has too many black kids attending, havoc from the cops. GUESS WHICH STATE! – VIDEO


Neighbors CALL POLICE To A Texas Suburb . . . When They Learn That A Family . . . Invited ‘TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE” to Their POOL PARTY!! #BlackLivesMatter# – For The FULL STORY – Click HERE – bit.ly/1FI1ekZ

Posted by Mediatakeout on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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Where does it say why the cops were called?

Several neighbors called 911. There’s more mainstream press on the incident now.

This is kind of a common thing in Texas. We all live in housing communities with these giant pool and waterparks where kids congregate of all ages. Sometimes the older kids bring booze, start fighting, or start bullying the younger kids. The staff never wants to get involved because of all the stupid laws so the police usually have to settle it.

Was this cop nuts? Yea he should be fired for bringing a gun and pointing it at unarmed teenagers.

Was it racist neighbors worrying about the color of the kids skin? Highly highly doublful.

Yeah, that was pretty much the case.