Poor Douchebag Jared is getting nothing but bad news this week…


House Democrats Launch Probe That Will Investigate Kushner’s Security Clearance | Deadline | MSNBC

AP’s Jonathan Lemire, former US attorney Joyce Vance, MSNBC contributor Karine Jean-Pierre, former DOJ spox Matt Miller, and Donny Deutsch on the new investigation launched by the House Oversight Committee into the White House security clearance process



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Miguel Salazar

That clown "Gilligan" is a crook ! No doubt aboit it !

Messiah 33

He's Mossad! Hang these traitors.

Mark Garon

investigate Mitch McConnell's wife who's family were busted for shipping cocaine in one of their ships. And she's secretary of transport? America… Wake up! MSNBC do your job!

Oddvard Myrnes

Mr Kushner is a zionist. That is why he has so accessive access to national security issues. Mr Netanyahu has visited the Kushners house at many occations in the past. Look at all the Zionists that have been close advisors to American presidents. On top of my head comes Mr Kissinger, Mr Rahm Emanual & now Mr Kushner. I am sure you will find many more if you start digging. Makes you wonder on the US foreign policy. Not to mention the insane law in effect in many states that you will loose your job if you engage in ani-semitic… Read more »

Walt F.

Why didn't the Republican oversight committee check those clearances? Was it just an oversight?

Edward Ames Castellano

Trading in classified top security secrets/information with unauthorized agents, foreign or domestic certainly must clear the bar of impeachable offenses.. if not the epitome of High Crimes AND… Misdemeanors. No wonder why Trump made that comment about the buck stopping at the 7ELEVEN.. or was it Burger King???

Edward Kaggwa

Nicole Wallace is a rabid b….h looking to ingratiate herself with the liberals.

Tribe of Reality

Wow you’d think he gave 1.5 billion in cash on a pallet to Iran or something…isn’t that crazy? I mean if they really found out he did something like that?? That would surely be a treasonous crime, right??? Huh?…what? Someone already did that? No investigation about it?? Not in jail? Well golly gee if no one is in jail for that then what does it take? Maybe selling Russia U.S stockpiles of nuclear warhead material? Huh?? Someone did that TOO?? Well I’m sure all these investigations are proper use of taxpayer money then. Not like there’s actually any real work… Read more »

Get Me Out of Here

Good—Jared needs to follow his daddy Chuck Kushner’s footsteps in federal prison. Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr. and President Nut Sack are criminals. It’s clear by now and without dispute.

Army of Ninjas

Kushner: if peewee herman was a serial killer

The Fibler

Jew Boy Kushner. The GOLDEN JEW!

Tyler Durden

Dems waisting more tax dollars on pointless investigations.

Riley Di

Trump is asking his supporters, how you like me now.

Riley Di

Let us say, Donald Trump is really mentally ill, and he decide to not open up the government, and the Republican side with him, just because they do not want him to get upset with them. Are you telling me, there is nothing anyone else can do to stop it, even if he is hurting the country, and burning it down, support that is his goal all along, will they let him continue to do so? We really need to know.

Silence DoGood

Oh stop the nonsense already!

cosgrove notts

Murican politics is a mess.


"What's Federal Prison like, daddy?" – Jared Kushner


An indictment on Kushner, will cement the indictment on Don Jr., since Manafort has already been indicted. Then they go after Ivanka..and the head honcho himself.

Everblue Freediving


lynn walters

I swear Kushner's first name should be Damian as in "The Omen": . "Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding, count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is 666." …). His eyes look dead and though it may seem silly … his 666 Fifth Avenue property is ominous…?