Poor Sean Hannity… he’s been relegated to ratings hell. *sniff*… :(


Fox News Banishes Ratings Killer Sean Hannity to the 10 PM Dead Zone

By: Jason Easley Sep. 17th, 2013



In a move to get senior citizen magnet and ratings killer Sean Hannity as far away from the ratings as contractually possible, Fox News has banished the GOP talking points machine to 10 PM.

Roger Ailes is trying to sell this move as sunshine and kittens for all, “As the network continues to dominate with the top 13 programs in cable news, FOX News already redefined primetime viewing to extend well beyond the antiquated 8-11PM format. We’ve developed a deep bench of engaging and thought-provoking personalities that have grown with FOX News as it has evolved into the most influential and successful cable network in television.”

Greta Van Susteren is moving to 7 PM, because her show was wilting behind Sean Hannity’s ratings erosion. Sarah’s Palin’s BFF should be thrilled to both follow Bret Baier and serve as the lead in for Bill O’Reilly. Van Susteren’s 10 PM show was usually the lowest rated in Fox’s primetime lineup, which coincidentally is where Sean Hannity now finds himself residing.

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