Post-Election Euphoria/Hangover/Dry Spell… Over.



Romney and Obama finally meet at the White House.

The long-awaited WH meetup… 🙂


It’s been a solid three weeks since the US’s MOST FUCKING IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER has finally come to pass. Since then, I, and I trust Ian as well, have just been in a strange recovery mode. I found myself trying to come up with something, ANYTHING to say about ANYTHING. Which obviously, has been an exercise in futility. Ian seemed to be running into the same walls repeatedly too. At least in his case, he had the numbing effect of his post-surgery meds. Alas, I, had no such excuse. 

In my case, I was just so ridiculously spent, from just how draining this election season has been. Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I get too emotionally over-invested in some things. Things that probably will bear very little consequence on how I actually live my own day to day life. Yet, I find myself caring anyway. Or maybe, it’s just because, I, like many other people, saw just how ridiculously pivotal this all was to the future of a once-great nation. Not to mention, how insanely critical this election really was, and not just to the land of my birth. But to the rest of the free, industrialized world as we know it.

I wish that I can say otherwise, but it’s simple. The world dodged one devastatingly major bullet on November 6th. I mean that with every inch of my being. 

It goes without saying, that the losing team has not been taking their defeat with much class or aplomb. The GOP has been trying to rake up non-existent muck from literally the last note of Romney’s ill-improvised and however brief concession speech. And though there was much to say about it, which we did do to some extent on the Facebook Page, and via Twitter, the blog remained a bit devoid of any biting commentary. To be honest, at least speaking for myself, I was simply too spent, and found myself overburdened with work, and just plain needing to catch up with the rest of real life. 

So since then, I’ve finally executed my withdrawal from a rapidly cooling, and darkening Sweden. Much to the chagrin of my dearest hostess Lena, and her demented, OCD-ridden cat, Sno. It was time to find some warmer, livelier, and somewhat sunnier environs, and not a moment too soon. I’m now in Barcelona, getting caught up on some serious work, writing, and poker. Not necessarily in that order. 

Ian, continues to go through his med-delirious therapy to bring his maimed leg back up to speed. He does keep insisting he has a piece ready to go, and lo and behold I saw a good one from him last night, so there’s hope yet. I am sure we’ll be hearing from him soon.

One good thing that this little moment of relative silence has yielded, are a few cool new ideas for the upcoming unluckily numbered year. I suspect that will be some interesting times for this blog. Or not. Which would kinda suck. :/

In any case, this post is just to say that the Holes crew is back after a much-needed post-election break. I highly doubt anyone missed us, but in any case, we’re back to irritate the institutions, religions, and megalomaniacs of the world. I sincerely hope you’ll ride along. 



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