Darkmatter2525: Power Corrupts… – VIDEO


Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/DarkMatter2525 No mind – no matter how powerful – could ever honestly claim t…



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This cartoon took me 20 days to create. I’m working on streamlining my
workflow, so that I can more easily turn this into a regular series without
such a long wait between episodes, if it does become a series. Should this
storyline continue? If so, where do you think I’ll take this plot? Where do
you think it should go? I don’t want to work in a vacuum here, and your
input is extremely valuable to me. Thanks, everyone.


I love all of the symbolism that obviously played a role in Yahweh’s subconscious decisions in his universe. First of all his mom which is the only nice person to him I’m assuming where’s that floating circle thing around her head which Yahweh then makes all of his angels wear. Next we have his father who views women as lesser than males, which is why women are considered property on the bible. He makes the weaker kid pay him for protection from him, this is very similar to how he protects people from the hell he created in exchange for… Read more »


I’m a Biomedical Engineer and an Amateur Theoretical Quantum Physicist. I have my own beliefs about God. My point here is, in physics, there are a lot of things that could sound “supernatural” to average people, like the light’s duality between waves and particles ’cause it kinda looks it behaves both ways, there’s also time travel (theoretically possible), superposition principle (two particles/objects in different places at the same time), parallel universes, string theory, etc… I’m really open-minded, so the idea of an actual existing God does not sound “strange” to me. I see it from another perspective, I don’t see… Read more »

Nick Steele

Holy mother of God this could be better than the matrix! The starting story was AWESOME! You are AWESOME! Incredible!! My favorite video you’ve ever done. You could throw Jesus in there somehow, that he is God but also different, explain that as a personal conflict of maybe him wanting to be a good person. Maybe you could have flash backs of him having experiences with his dad and mom more, Lucifer can be a girl that broke up with him, the angels can be his stuffed animals or GI joes or Pegasus people or whatever people play with in… Read more »

The Under Network [ Channel Has Moved ]

Power does not corrupt. It is the corrupt that corrupt power. Power is
pure. Because power chooses no sides and always finds a place to rest it’s
head. You also didn’t bother to mention the definition of power: the
ability to act.

Sleepwalk No More

00:01 in and I can already tell you have absolutely no idea what you’re
talking about… Holy shit…

Angel Demqn

God could be this kid just a boy with problems and his up bringing ruined him. Yet we wanna bitch and moan. Since we have free will wouldn’t it be the best if we were nice to him since we might be his only actual friends, not robots programmed to like him but actual beings who cared for him. It seems like a dick move that we don’t have his back because if the simulation ends he has to live be rest of his shitty life in his own real world. A weakling is given ultimate power and is corrupted… Read more »


hey I know this is unrelated but dose anyone know the name of the video
where he talks about how future generations will view us and how if they
view us as geniuses then it a problem but if we are seen as primitive then
it’s a good thing


I’m curious how I would fair in this exam.
I’d like to think I’d do well, be benevolent, fair; but I know I’m very
realistic, I’m aware of my biases (at least most of them), and my pride. If
only there was a way to actually do this.

Jong Fuu

This is actually a very good idea. If such a test was possible it would
indeed give us a more peaceful society.

Tom Leeds

This beats the origins story for Darth Vader. +DarkMatter2525 has
surpassed George Lucas. Right +Donald Kronos 

Squirrley Cake Johnson Jones

This is an amazing idea. (ive seen a lot of your videos)… could be a TV

Josh Ruble

+DarkMatter2525 Hey man, effin epic video right here. I just kinda started watching your videos heavy man. I had seek seen a couple a little while back, but right now I’m working my way through watching all of em, in no particular order. I gotta tell ya though dude, the section of this video when the teacher was giving the breakdown about the assignment was……wicked fucking brilliantly worded. That is the best under 5 minute so quick, but still very telling and efficiently descriptive summation of its kind. I know it’s 4 months past the date you posted it, but… Read more »


Please. Please, continue. I want to see more.

Geoffrey Brunell

Wow! What an interesting concept: entering a simulated universe with no
memories and only your subconscious. And also, thousands of years in the
simulation is only a few minutes in real life. I wonder if we will one day
be able to make technology advanced enough to do that.

jasmine al

This was one of the best videos I’ve seen about God. He really does seem
like an abused teenager. Please please please continue.


This is my best technical work to date.


You always make it seem as if God is the bad guy. If you really want to
spread your message through your videos just make God act all powerful and
wise and then put what was done in the bible.

People like to see God as an all knowing powerful spirit, so make him act
that way. With that type of attitude and actions to follow, people will see
both sides to the story instead of just a bias one.

But hey these are your videos so make them however you damn want to and
don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, I’m just offering advice.

Pratik Pradhan

I love your works man. But I still believe in God ;)


This is such an awesome idea! I would love to see more. In particular, I
would like to see some more back story on Yahweh’s family life and society.
It would also be cool if the other students represented other gods (Athena,
Zeus, Vishnu, Allah, etc) and how their worlds relate to Yahweh’s. DM2525,
you’re brilliant!

Sailor Paladina

I never got the name of God. Yaway?

Seth Cohen

Wow, what a great concept for a society! Kudos to you DM, please please
please make it a series!

francesco lops

This was charming.. you kept me watching this because it was deep and well
showed the history of religion and it was quite funny because here we had
God and Jeffery xD haha, two names one that important and the other so
random. Also it showed the God’s psycology which was nice to get

Hence make up God who creates a bad world in which everyone must fight to
survive, the bad sides of religions.. because of the repression excerted by
his father

Enlightenment In Humility

Everyone is going to think I’m crazy for my solution to power corrupts, but here it is: Greed, and other human traits are the main problem so we need something that is as smart as a human, but is not human. What would that be? Well in the near future it will be the machine. The machine will govern without ulterior motives, without ego, without emotion. It will rationalize our problems like a math problem to a calculator. This sounds very scary like a scene from a terminator movie, but putting Hollywood’s Sci-Fi apocalypse aside this might just be the… Read more »

shmahat ma

This is my best technical work to date.


I have to admit I was completely surprised, even by the revelation of
“Jeffrey”. I should have seen that coming but I didn’t. The red eyes of God
should have been a giveaway but I missed that too. This is brilliant, edgy
material. It reminds me of the mice from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the
Galaxy and the notion that Earth is nothing but a big computer by which
they find out the meaning to life, the universe and everything. (By the
way, the real quotation is “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power
corrupts absolutely.”)


While I don’t share your beliefs I actually find this quite interesting.
You raise a lot of good and interesting points and questions while bringing
forward some very good thoughts on ethics, morality, and society.
I honestly look forward to seeing more of this series and hope you do not
abandon it.
Best of luck. 


Very ambitious, DarkMatter2525. Most of your vids are good (the new Samson
trilogy is laugh out loud funny), but this one is very thought provoking.
Well done indeed.


This video is impossibly good. How you were even able to contrive it is far
beyond my comprehension.

Jimmy David

You have built up a premisse that you wont be able to match. The idea is that our reality exists inside a test simulation, to see wich one of those students deserves, or not, to be in charge of the future generations (by playing God in that simulation), but since we already had the privilege to foresee Yahwe’s bad charisma, it’s obvious that he will fail that test in the end, right? Wrong! And that’s where the premisse wont match up! Because we know that, in fact, Yahwe IS the perfect choice to rule over our world… Look around! So… Read more »

Sebastian D. Davalos

This is so fucking awesome holy shit balls

Jamie Radaker

This episode was incredible! I would love to see more! At first I thought Jeffery was supposed to be like Jesus when he gave up his credits to appease Yahweh. But I like this route much more… I wish Jeffery really were in the Bible so he could have talked some sense into God. Does Jeffrey end up thinking that it’s all real too? That would be interesting… And when does the test end? I think it should end like when the person reveals himself or herself to the simulated people as the deity. Or maybe each student should have… Read more »

Tudor Renegade

Well this society is far from perfect. At least they are trying. 

Alaa Abdul hameed

Brilliant :)

Jason Ruby

I have only liked maybe 8 videos since I started youtube 5 years ago. This
is my ninth.


Clap clap clap. Awesome.


I wish you could be funded to direct a HBO series with real actors and
green screen like the 300 movie setup!

F Rody

‘ seem to think its a recipe for disaster to have white bearded old mad in
the sky’ hilarious, but santa claus isn’t that bad 

Clemus Johnson

Simply put I like it this seems more logical then a biblical story honestly
lol. I really hope the series continues

L of Rain

Just amazing

Ryan Jackson

awesome! as soon as i saw that guy named Jeffery, i was like, hmm. really
hope they continue their work. love this youtube channel

Tom Austin

More plz. Love your channel and this pilot has much potential. Thanks for
your great work

Joseph Odina

THIS NEEDS TO BE A SERIES!!!! HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Luke Consani

TFW you think you have a brilliant idea then you see someone in YouTube
that had the same idea before you…

Anyway great work, looking forward.

Commander Pius

“Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”
-Eric Rayburn Elliott


How can i find the script of this? there are some really good passages