Jaclyn Glenn – Praying for Atheists!


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praying for atheists is like eating bacon for vegetarians. 

Haxxor Soniq

Christian – “I’ll pray for you…”

Me – “Oh, thanks very much. I’ll masturbate for you…”

Christian – “I’m offended, and I won’t talk to you again…”

Me – “Cool. Job well done :)”


When someone says they will pray for me I tell them “What about the 10000s
of staving children? Maybe you should pray for them” 


I curse you Jaclyn! Maybe it’ll cancel out one of the prayers? I think
that’s how it works.

Or you could say something like: Aww thanks! And I’ll donate to
psychological research into helping people get over their delusions for

Analytical Atheist

I sometimes think it is weird that people don’t often tell me that they are praying for me. I mean, they believe in hell. Sometimes I want to ask my friends if they think I am going to hell, but I can’t. Probably because they probably do. That is hard for me to deal with. I see hell as an archaic belief. It is saying “I am better than that person. That person has something wrong with them. That person is inherently other, and it probably isn’t a good idea to associate with them”. Same mindset that allowed racism. In… Read more »

Screaming PHOENIX

Atheists are the scum of the earth. Let me lay some truth on you.
Adolf Hitler,
Mao Zedong,
Joseph Stalin,
Barrack Hussein Obama,
John Wayne Gasey,
Nelson Mandela,
Pope Francis,

Albert Einstein,
George W. Bush,
The guy who shot Hitler,
Malcolm X,
The Duck Dynasty guys,



I work with a fundamentalist christian lady who thinks the world is 6000
years old and the war in the Ukraine is because of Islam. Shes totally
hates Islam and criticizes it for how stupid it is yet she is comparatively


My mom died last friday and i get so many phone calls telling me Jesus will
help and save me….fuck off


I really hate atheist. I asked one to jelly my toast but that stinking
low-life buttered it instead. How dare he butter my toast. I quickly turned
to my bible, read the correct verse that guided my actions, and killed that
bastard. I killed him and his entire family. Served him right. Should have
jellied my toast.

phill burt

if someone tells me that he prayed for me…i just replied with “may the
force be with you”.

Godless Engineer

Well, for the prayers that are like “I pray you find god blah blah blah” I
feel like they are saying that they don’t want me to have my opinions or my
own thoughts. They want me to have their thoughts… their opinions…

For the prayers where they are praying for someone, I feel like they are
more trying to make themselves feel better rather than actually provide
help. So they are feigning being helpful just so they don’t feel like shit
for not doing something or not wanting to do something…

Skyla Jackson

I think you’re absolutely amazing. I’m 14 & I’ve been atheist for maybe 2 years?? Maybe a little less idk but when I was about 11 I was very unsure about whether or not “God was real” like it just didn’t make sense to me. My brother is 3 years older than me and he’s atheist as well. When I started to actually label myself as atheist, people would ask me “Why?” I didn’t even know how to answer that. Ever since I started watching your videos, I do know how to answer that question. I didn’t know how to… Read more »

Nightcore Dimension

Omgosh I hate when they say that


What is the value of being good if you’re just going though the actions for
your ticket to heaven? It’s kinda just like having an obligation to swipe a
credit card and not really intending to pay but and holding onto that debt
as a promice to pay your debts that is in forced with fees for not doing

Gai trax

Really enjoyed the video jacklin…
I totally agree with you on the whole “I’m praying for you” shit.

I live in Israel so it’s really hard being an atheist here…

Love you and masturbate for you! (Not to you)

Andrew Turturro

i don’t mind when people say “I’ll pray for you” after they say it a bunch
of times, it gets kind of annoying, but i don’t find it really insulting or

Superior 666

Make a video on Islam.
Oh yeah that’s right, you’re a politically correct commie coward. 

Brianna Cavanaugh

Jaclyn I love you 

Answering Disbelievers

Atheists shouldn’t be offended if someone says they are going to pray for
you, it’s basically just them saying they care about you and will keep you
in their thoughts. It is negative reactions to something as small as saying
you are going to pray for someone that turns theists away from atheism and
makes theists think that atheists are hateful and bigoted. 

Bad Snaxx

I gave up praying to God for stuff years ago.
It never once produced results, & to my disappointment I never ever
received anything I prayed for.
You’ve just got to think outside the box when it comes to getting on yer
knees before God, so I just go out & steal the shit I want & pray for
forgiveness instead.
Different route, same result. I’m still a goin’ to heaven. LOL.


I don’t mind it. I don’t judge people based on faith so if they feel
praying will help me then that’s fair enough I wouldn’t scrutinise because
of it 


Hey Jaclyn this is the first vid i’ve been able to watch all the way through without feeling completely mocked, i understand when a Christian say they are praying for you that it can be kinda condescending but like you said it comes from a good place, i’ve seen a such a humble side of you in this video and i can appreciate what you are saying, I’d love to just sit down with you and talk about these things in the same manner you have in this vid. If you see this please reply, i aint gonna force my… Read more »


Americans are either really aggressive or really passive aggressive when it
comes to religion or sexuality. Why can’t people be more like us Irish and
just accept people the way they are (I’m talkin Middle class and up, every
country has there scumbags), like no one is properly racist, homophobic or
whatever the term for religion is. (Believe me, the stereotypes aren’t true
-.-) Basically, Americans need to just chill, they’ll be much happier that

John Rife

I’m unsubscribing. You’re a bit of a cunt.

Dustin Zilbauer

When people tell you they’re praying for you, tell them about the chapel in
Wisconsin where nuns have been engaged in a perpetual chain-prayer for
world peace since 1878. Other than two world wars, the holocaust, 9/11, the
Middle East conflict, Vietnam, Korea, terrorism, and various other wars
that have cost countless millions of human lives, the world’s been a pretty
peaceful place!


OMG What is wrong with you!!! Why didnt we see that cat befooorreee? :O Nice colors – love it 🙂 Joking aside you show an interesting angle to that sorta thing. The ‘ill pray for you’-in your face kinda thing… I can understand some people say it something like ‘ill keep you in my thoughts’. Its meant well, but pointless. The other more threatning just seems passive aggressive. “You need Jesus, ill pray for you now!” The other one is a general theme in religious arguments. Many arguments are easily turned and reflected back to them. But because they dont… Read more »


What i really want to know is why has it become, in the last decade,a big
deal that someone does or does not believe in a god?


And evolution is not totally wrong just the big bang thing, its just a theory (a really weak, bad, weird and inpossible without a god) like you will always have the same question “what was before God/Big Bang?”. This question has only one answer and thats that it is impossible to know, but it is possible to think of what sounding the most reasenable. Like we can ask ourselves for example why and when. Why did big bang make the earth? Answer: it was an accident that happend by no reason. Why did God you ask? Because he was lonely… Read more »

Harrison Dunn

“If there’s no god, why do you do good things?”
Would you be an asshole if you didn’t believe in skydad? *Takes careful
note of this*

Praise Jibbers!

Caesar Santizo

Thank you. Although, Mormon beliefs can be harmful; they were the champions
behind Prop 8.


I believe biblical and islamic god is evil (if it existed). So don’t pray
for me. Your hateful, homophobic, narsisist, sadist, vengeful,
unforgiving, superstitious, fraudulent god can go fuck himself.

Ape Jake

Flying Spaghetti Monster prayer specifically for you Jaclyn. That way the
“crazy” will just be dispatched.

Rhyke Angel

Well I think your cat is pretty c:


Christians are the most disgusting group the world has ever faced. The
truth of that is littered throughout human history. Whenever Christians
want to “help” you out of “love”, you’re in deep fuckin’ trouble. You’re
either about to get slaughtered, have your life irreversibly, forcibly
altered, or have your region’s resources and wealth stolen.


Insulting my ass. Stop being insulted as quickly as those we try to oppose.
Religioustard wants to pray for me? Go right ahead, waste your time talking
to yourself. Makes me feel even better.

Mike Meyer

Being a pantheistic solipsist, I also get the “I’m praying for you” (or the
equally offensive “Jesus loves you”). My answer is to respond in kind:

“I’ll sacrifice a chicken to the Trickster for you” (or “Finagle ignore

As to “Why would you be good if you don’t believe in God” (with OUR god
being implied) the answer is “Because I’m not a douchebag who can’t be good
simply for the sake of being good.”

Abel Marquez

I am a Christian and I love your videos! I watch your vids and understand
that you are talking about “extremists,” like you said! I’m so sorry you’ve
had this happened to you, some of my family members act in the same way! It
is annoying and I watch your videos to get an understanding of where
atheists come from. From personal experience, the Atheists I know in my
daily life are pessimistic and extremely negative on themselves, but I know
that can’t be EVERY atheist! Thank you for your vids and know that your
videos are important and give great insight!! :DDD

athena conquest

Salvation for secular liberals is to nationalize all Christian Holidays I E
Christmas and Easter Bible study class as back up for History and Science

Esau Tercero

Let’s both hope that no near death experience of yours in the coming future
keeps your heart hardened to what the genuine Christians have tried to get
you to see. Just saying lol. But I do agree about them telling you they
will pray for you or saying it a certain way. There. I will agree with you

Islam is Unstoppable

Atheism is a fascist ideology.


I feel the same way when people tell me to get a job, 19 years old and the
streak lives, THE STREAK WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Shrek Ogreton

Religious person: “I’ll pray for you.”
Atheist response: “I’ll think for you.”

Jason J. Shaw

A great response to “I’m praying for you” …..

“I’ll keep you on my mind too!”

It’s kind of my natural response to it, and I think it catches people off
guard because they think it’s a one-way street!


You know that you actually don’t acomplish anything by posting these videos? If Christians is right you are taking people from their way to heaven by posting these videos and what have you acomplished if your right? Just that you had right nothing more, so are you willing to take the risk of doing that? I have seen plenty of your videos and you have good points, but you also have points that are pretty bad arguments and pretty weak. The only problem is that you haven’t anybody that responds to you while you talk. Yes, it is pretty offensive… Read more »


I love how deep and insightful this video is. I can’t believe in something
that has lack of proof, I need it to be real.

Blood Rose

Do you comb your hair right before you make videos, or is it naturally

Laharl Krichevskoy

mmm i like what you did to your hair. Dont like “perfect straight” hair
that much. Imo, looks kind of silly. Reminds me of a Barbie.


When people say they’ll pray for you, they don’t really mean they’ll pray
for you. They mean that they have this concept of magical incantations that
trumps anything you can do. It’s just part of a game of one-upmanship that
they play. In reality, they won’t pray for you or anyone else. They go home
and forget about it.


Hey Jaclyn… why don’t you talk about Jews?