The Preaching Atheist – Why “Atheism” Makes Christians Stupid – VIDEO





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hello Bobby. Glad to see you back in time for the big rollout of Google’s
new comment system. In celebration of its marvelous success, Google will
soon be rebranding as “Bungle.”

Cecelia Wight

How did you deconvert after 30 years? I will have to look at your earlier
vids, I am sure that you tell us.

Raziel Silver

Actually atheism is completely fitting, because the meaning of the suffix
-ism can also mean state, condition, or quality, like heroism or pauperism.
The state of being a hero or condition of being a pauper, and the reason
atheism works just fine is that the -ism is added to atheos, meaning *without
god(s)* and as such is the state or condition of being without god(s).


Booby, I liked this video a lot. This is exactly how I used to think when I was a fundy and I can see these points you brought up so clearly in my fundy friends (and parents) now. I have a friend that literately thinks that I have been swayed by Satan his own self. One other thing, have you thought about contacting the Magic Sandwich Show or LiveLife to try and be a guest on their shows? Because you go in depth of the doctrines and the mind of the Christian that I don’t think gets talked about enough… Read more »

Kate Hoover

I absolutely love how you fold the bible and read it like a tabloid. Your
body language tells more than thousand words.


On the subject of the term “stupid”, rather than using such an emotionally charged term that invokes one of the key problems, reactionism, it’s better to use a phrase like “badly thought out.” We are trying to analyze the factors involved in a line of reasoning, so avoid taking a step in the opposite direction by using such buzzwords and popular connotations. Otherwise, great points. Most popular religions are at least partially so due to mechanisms for distilling the in-group. Demonizing and grouping others in self-serving ways is one method. Preemptively discrediting others makes one’s conviction come easy, when the… Read more »


You’ve done a marvelous job explaining the mindsets of Ken Ham, Don
McLeroy, Rafael Cruz and a host of fundamentalists I’ve encountered
recently on YT and elsewhere.


great video


Atheism is a label, purely for ease of reference that I use to describe
one, and only one facet of my character.

Max Brandt

Knowledge is power, some merely can not handle that power and thus seek to
be willfully ignorant of even the most basic of scientific facts with their
“armor of god”. I’m so glad I don’t count myself among the flat earthers

T Razz

Bobby I have to slightly disagree with you. If we use the term “skeptic” or
“humanist” the fundies will just claim we are running away from the term.
When I was young my preacher let us know that secular humanists were just
atheist trying to trick people by using another name. Fundies like Comfort,
Craig, Robertson, etc, know what the term atheist means. They have been
corrected a million times. They preach lies to keep the stupid people
stupid and to create straw men. I am not going to change for the stupid. If
they can’t learn, too bad maybe they will die off.


Atheism is just a place holder for lacking belief, I honestly think that it
won’t matter what word is being used to describe non belief in god(s) it
will still be used as a weapon or to pidgeon hole. Honestly, I don’t like
the word atheist either! It’s the only time I use any word to describe what
I’m not.

I think that if atheists become a majority, there will be no need for any
word to describe non belief. It would become: Theists v.s everyone else.
“Atheists” only exist because theism exists and is so prevailant.


Lol ooops wrong video i made a response too…
the word atheist confuses theists because theist lie about what the word
means. Simple!

luci fer

Another awesome vid. Keep them coming.

Richard Pletcher

Thank you Bobby. At least there is someone who can explain it clearly.

Tim Observant

Actually, it depends on the definition you want to use… -ism = used as a productive suffix in the formation of nouns denoting action or practice, state or condition, principles, doctrines, a usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence, etc. ( criticism; barbarism; Darwinism; despotism; plagiarism; realism; witticism; intellectualism ). – Look at plagiarism, is it a philosophy? Is it a religion? You can’t just go by the suffix. You also have to account for the remainder of the word. Atheism is certainly not a philosophy, principle or doctrine. But, atheism can be an action, state or condition, usage or characteristic,… Read more »

Aintquite Wright

I had never seen that quote before or anything like it. Good to know.


So that’s why they don’t understand what a fact is. It really winds me up
when i give them facts and it just goes right over their heads. It actually
feels like they are taking piss when they do it.
This was a really good video, it opened my eyes to their mindset.


Awesome, I’ve being taught by demons! Badass!


I gotta say, i disagree with you on identifying as an atheist and using the word atheist. I think we should be using those terms as much as possible. Currently in the national mindset of america, atheist is an insult, it’s a pejorative, a negative. THey don’t like us, they don’t trust us, they don’t know the first thing about us for the most part By being an out and proud athiest and being a good person and having good arguments, the negative stigma of being an atheist can and will be eroded away. Be an atheist, but don’t ONLY… Read more »


Man, it is good to see you doing videos again!! This is an excellent one –
I especially enjoyed your point that ancient Greek & Roman philosophers
were already considering the rudimentary beginnings of an evolutionary

Irwin John Finster

Hitchslapasaurus? Or Hitch-Slap-A-Sore-Ass? (yay I’m immature) Personally, and I know this isn’t really what you’re discussing, so, sorry for going off the rails, but I never really ascribed much merit to the whole “you’re defined by what you are; not by what you’re not” argument. From my perspective, you’re defined equally by the things you refuse to do as you are by the things you choose to do. A commitment to defiance against claims made about the supernatural, which are supported only by poor reasoning and a complete lack of evidence, says as much about me as believing in those… Read more »


Whoa this looks different-anyhow, you hit right on the mark, it should not
be a form of ‘ism. And you know what the fool says…so they put on the
shield of faith, helmet of righteousness, the armor of god because they’ve
been told thy are fighting against the Dayvile – “spiritual warfare” they
call it. The idiots on TV and “in touch ministries” say its against “a very
real enemy”-I mean these poor folks are down right scared!


Thank you. As always, you illuminate from a unique perspective that most
atheist do not approach from. Your preaching style is also very convincing
to the point that I need to be careful of what you say lest you convince me
to stand up and yell “Amen!”.

I’d like to point out though I suspect the part about animals are a
reference to pagans.

So many atheist could do better conversing with Christians if they
understood the Christian Worldview better. *Please continue, we need moar!*

I do not accept the god claim. Atheism? what’s that? Is that like

Robert Allen

Hi, Bobby. It’s about time, but it was well worth waiting for.

Are schisms and prisms also isms? And what about jism? But you’re right,
atheism is not an ism in the sense of theism any more than a fetus is a

I think a law should be enacted prohibiting those who reject or deny
science from reaping its benefits. That’s sure to diminish the ranks, not
to mention the coffers, of the Kent and Eric Hovinds, the Ken Hams, the Ray
Comforts and other purveyors of ignorance.

Suggestion for another video: abortion and the bible.

ElSnakeO Bwb

The reason i like your channel is because of your inside insight.And because of your knowledge you’re one of the few Youtubers i know who can fight fire with fire. I am an atheist since i was 10 i think (And that’s more than 35 years ago 🙂 ), so for me it’s hard to believe anyone could be fooled believing that nonsense. (No offence bobby, but you understand). That’s why i would be interested in your deconversion story, I have seen a couple of your interviews with people who deconverted, and they were insightful. (And frightening sometimes). And about… Read more »

Rand Huso

The teaching to “believe” regardless of the evidence is what inagurates the
(Christ-)Psychosis. This requirement to believe contradictory things causes
a self-induced schizophrenia. Religion is a mental illness.


Helmet of salvation = blinkers. Sword of the spirit = feeble attempts to
fend off logic.

I am catching a gloss and it comes from your very good preaching style
where your audience sits spellbound and takes what you say as absolute
truth. We need/want more of your stellar work!

Good point on the ism.


I think that changing the world for the better includes the softening of
the fear of the word ‘atheism.’

Neothink Maki

You nailed it. Even my best friend who is a Deist still gets bent out of
shape when I call the bible “Horse Shit”.

Hedley Quintana

I have no idea what the head is for, according to the biblical writer. The
function of the head (besides the senses) was unknown… The feelings and
emotions were related to the heart.


Surely its A – (Theism, the belief that at least one deity exists.) Atheism
is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.
‘Seems pretty straight forward to me?


This was by far my favorite video! Great job

Godless Glen

Yay, we get a some Bobby for breakfast!

Wait, that sounds dirty. lol. It’s good to see a new video. Time to watch!


There isn’t a word fro not believing in fairies.

If I moved to another country, say Japan. There would be a utilitary
function in describing myself as being non Asian or non Japanese.

If i lived in a world where most people believed in fairies and even
further had people trying to force that belief of fairies on others there
would likely be a word for not believing in fairies.

Ricky Spanish

I sometimes see nonsense like ‘fundy atheists’ which makes no sense as
there’s no texts or guidebooks to atheism.
There’s people, atheists and theists alike, who like to simplify, lump
people together.


Atheism means without theism. Therefore, it is the opposite of an ism. The
fact that theists can’t understand how the “a” negates what follows is due
to their own ignorance. I have, in the past, when confronted about belief
in god, simply said that I do not believe in anything supernatural. That
answer does make them think without the knee-jerk reaction they seem to
have with the term atheist. However, I do embrace the labels of atheist,
abigfootist and afairiest, etc


I am torn on this. I understand what you’re saying, and I too recognize how these words are confusing the theists. However I do not agree that the fault lies with the words themselves. I have come to accept and understand the prefix A- for so long now that I often become confused myself at the misunderstandings of others. But I realize that most people don’t know this stuff. The prefix of A- meaning Not, or Without. And so Atheist would mean not a theist, and Atheism would mean without theism. The misunderstanding that I think you’re talking about here,… Read more »


the big bang is only an educated guess and by no means fact.
Unlike evolution, there is no proof. In fact you would have to believe
that mass can exceed the speed of light for the visible universe to be as
big as it is. To me, believing in the big bang is believing in the
supernatural, just like believing in Cheesus… I believe in Einstein and
he says you can not go faster than light. Praise Einstein, praise his holy

wolf wing

I like how someone put it in response to harri’s comment about atheism
shouldn’t be used, as we don’t have a label for anti racists.

ANd we did, when there was a need for the label, it was called
abolitionists, Atheism is a label for a movement in response to the heavy
religious stuff.


You bring up a very good point that has bothered me, as well. I have no
problem with the term ‘atheist’ but the word ‘atheism’ does give me cause
to pause, for all the reasons you just talked about. I have no conclusion
yet but having been part of a couple of ‘isms’ it is clear that having no
belief in something is not a philosophy, not a dogma,not a theology or
system of thought. Not believing in that one point is Not an ‘ism.

Dave Stewart

Great video, Bobby. You always give me something to think about. I’ve
called myself an atheist for around twenty years, but I do have some
problems with it. Mainly because so many people seem to have so many
different ideas and definitions for it.


Trolls were sent by God to test us.


Hey Bobby, nice to see back. Good video, thanks


Bravo, well said.


A-Easterbunniests repent!

m owens

Keep it coming bobby

luci fer

Stegosaurus is so cool.


Christianity is pretty brilliant. Preach impossible to believe shit and
weave the justification and threat against not believing it right into the
very same theology. L Ron Hubbard would be proud.