Professor Rayfield Waller (Interview and Debate on Theism)… – VIDEO


3 in 1 shows with Professor Rayfield Waller. Part 1 is his interview with Reggie “The Infidel Guy” Finley, found at The topic is “What is…



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Joe Public

This professor Waller is awesome. Why isn’t he out there debating more? I
would love to see him debate Sye Ten or Eric Hovind.


“Logic is an attempt to think clearly.” In contrast to mythology,
superstition, and prejudice. Why can’t Prof. Waller be included in talk
programs on radio and other venues, exchanging his ideas with the so-called
conservative and centrist/corporate yelping media poodle pimps? Answer:
These wet and soft signal jammers don’t want to look bad. Keep knockin’ Ray
Ray. Our day will come, if I can reference Ruby and the Romantics and with
a different meaning, if ya follow me. 


I noticed that too. I just burned what was on my CD to this.