Progressives Vs New Atheists w/ Majority Report’s Michael Brooks… – VIDEO


Watch Sam Seder’s response to Kyle’s ceasefire here:



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Sylvain Thibeault

We all cheer and appreciate the 3 American heroes, but if we don't take steps to stop the fundamentalism that motivates the attackers, wrong as they were, then attacks will continue, along with the droning and bombing of already destitute nations and their people. I don't need Sam Harris to tell me that humans are ALL savages, no matter what their creed.

Joseph DiSalvo

At 20:00, Kyle gets dude to basically start admitting that most of the concerns that Harris/atheists/we have about religions are valid, but the problem is just that we're being mean or disrespectful about it, as though religion is somehow above the scorn that any other bad ideas get. I have watched Majority Report and how they sarcastically and mean-spiritedly mock and put down conservatives. I'm completely fine with that, as bad ideas, and those who espouse them, deserve criticism. But to then say we can't do the same when it comes to religion is both wrong and hypocritical. Also, nothing… Read more »

Hookem Devildog

In other words, the progressives don't care about nuance or subtlety… If you don't believe precisely what they believe, precisely as they believe it, then they will go on the attack.

The Michael Brooks of the world are killing reasonable and rational discourse in this country every bit as much as the Rush Limbaughs and Donald Trumps of the world.

Andy Rosebrook

This is the asshole that wants Uday Hussein in charge of Iraq, and ISIS leadership back in charge of Iraq, right?

Illya Van Hoof

This is what happens when progressives become regressives.

Andy Rosebrook

This is why Majority Report sucks.

Dm Gray

Seems to me this proves the point I made in the truce video.Nothing is enough to the fauxgressive "liberals" these days.I used to respect Seder, at least, despite my differences with him, but when he's completely uncritical of his own team suggesting that "women were chattel 100 years ago" my respect for him abandons me.They are not liberals, and they are not left wing.They are obsessed with identity politics and little else.Blame rich white people, excuse poor brown people and never EVER criticise feminism, no matter how batshit insane some feminists are.They're doing MORE damage to the causes of equality… Read more »

Alex M

It's interviews like these that reminds me what's wrong with liberals (not liberalism) today. Sam Harris very rarely speaks about foreign policy. His primary focus is on attacking this ideology that is spreading across the Muslim world and that ideology is Islamism. The fact that you have spent time in the Middle East with reformers doesn't discredit massive polls conducted in the Muslim world which show overwhelming majorities of people supporting dangerous ideas. Maajid Nawaz's organization is doing grassroots work in Pakistan and in Europe where extremism is also prevalent (further western liberals aren't even supporting this war of ideas yet,… Read more »

Tristan Lynch
Doctore Maxmus

I never heard the Romans, Greeks , Persia etc… Complain about being a empire, so why do we, the U.S. Bash ourselves? Stop being crybabies. The progressives and new atheists are on the same page. Just stop. Work together. This is such bullshit. Look at the human history, we have always been in wars. Get real.


Islam is an inherently morally ambiguous system with a tendency towards negative elements such as dogmatism, violence, bigotry, etc.  It has positive elements such as helping the poor and being peaceful, but those are either outweighted by imperialist passages that justify jihadist behaviour, or atleast are negated, ultimately ending up as ambivalent. Poor conditions of living create fundamentalism, and when people are faced with miserable conditions, fundamentalism is used as a method of justification for more violence; it basically becomes a moral system that justifies the venting of frustrations in the form of violence of certain portions of the population… Read more »