Rachel Maddow: Democrats Aim For Insights On National Security In New Hearings


Rachel Maddow runs through some of the many open questions about the Donald Trump administration and national security, from Trump’s cinematic justifications for a border crisis to assessments of worldwide threats.



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Dave ofOz

Potus is NUTS.

Greg M

I Googled "Best Movies for Toddlers", these are the only movies that Spanky McBoneSpurs should be allowed to watch.

Michael RCH

Rachel, you have done it again! What are the chances that Trump DIDNT get his ideas from Sicaro? Or maybe Stephen Miller saw it, got the idea then showed the movie to Trump!


Treacherous senile


he watched tv too much, it will not be a stretched he watched that movies – explained why he is a man child,


Della Pasta….will hunt cohen's family business in ucraine. The bear is loose to hunt and destroy DaShitTrump's oposition! Wow…this admin is really a CosakMafia.

Debbie Barker

Watching from Australia absolutely love Rachel and Lawrence brilliant and so funny.

Stephen46 xre

If the movie was broadcasted on Fox then for sure Trump took it for real.


All I can write or say, is that Trump, is simply delusional and it actually makes sense now. Yhe man is simply out of touch with the REAL WORLD. Watches too much t.v. and has created a world of his own domain. Its actually really sad to say that he has dementia. Not fit to run the country . They should have him checked out. I'm not being rude or disrespectful, just simply saying that they need to have him checked.

Christopher Morningstar

It feels like he watched TheFastAndFurious

Elaine Brooksbank

Here's a radical idea. If all the baddies have faster cars than the goodies then, instead of wasting money on a useless wall, why not use it to buy the goodies faster cars than the baddies. Problem solved.

Here's another idea – will someone please ditch all the TVs in the White House so Trump doesn't spend all of his time in fantasy land.


It is easy to get Sicario and Fox news mixed up. He probably thought it was a documentary. Indict for Treason.


Well, he probably thought he was watching Fox… 🙂