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Photo: holesinthefoam: Nope, nooooo racism here… http://t.co/41TgCSwfNA “White guy with a gun” is no concern… http://t.co/1TLiJL5HR6

She was probably one of the Ferguson “protesters” burning shit or trying to steal shit.

Photo: liberalsarecool: holesinthefoam: Nope, nooooo racism here… http://t.co/8yR5KNtyFD “White guy with a… http://t.co/Bgv2ZPkgig

because being in a protest automatically makes her a thief right? baby jeebus i hope your comment was just a poor attempt on a joke and i missed it.

Sooo? You believe she was just an innocent protester and police picked her out of everyone else to arrest for no reason? And the previous post came from people referring to looters and arsonist as protesters

They did that a lot, are you kidding? They arrested dozens of nonviolent protesters if not more. Get a fucking clue dude. What you’re failing to grasp about this meme is that if a bunch of black dudes would have shown up armed to the teeth like Joe Militiaman here, there would have been total and complete blood and mayhem on the behalf of the police. So again, get a fucking clue.

ah because an unarmed female teenager is oh so much more threatening than a guy with a rifle whom according to common sense is there to instigate or antagonize. i may not agree with the looting by some folks but that doesnt mean im going to assume all of them are looters.

Your right cops are just angry racist that hate the blacks and the browns and get away with killing them. To bad they don’t pay idiots like you that spread this bs propaganda a visit.

Ok, you and or your significant other are fucking clueless idiots/cop apologists. Just shut the fuck up already. You clearly have no idea of what is really going on in the US right now. Bye bye now. 🙂