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bunnyanator 6000/ drake the squirel

These are not all of us only a part but there is that same part in religion extremists who think all other beliefs than thiers must die becouse their god wants that im not saying everyone who beleves in a god is like this but just like the non belevers there is a part that is like this

Chris Hansen

Reddit is the reason I pray for World War III.

Kurt Cobain

ITT: Generalizing and "I'm an athiest but…"

Great video though mate

Dank Memes

Both atheists and theists are stupid. End of story.

ninja cat 125

I'm cool atheist and any religion and I'm christian, I just hate it when people act like know it alls. Literaly none of us truly knows if god, heaven , or hell exist. So why do people have to be major D-bags about it. Only until you die you'll know what happens or where you go, and you know damn well you wont be able to tell anyone about it ,hell we might even be recreated into something else I don't know. All I'm saying is to treat people equal and be open minded about other peoples beliefs and how… Read more »

Taylor Biscuits

I think right after this was made 2013 or 2014?  They fixed the subreddit.  Immature shit isn't allowed, just intelligent discussion.

DT Jr (Sagetower)

Oooh Christ on a Bike I laughed so hard at this! But yeah there is a big difference between Atheists and Anti-Theists. I am so glad the atheists I'm friends with don't act like these guys. Also the guy's bellybutton is a mouth at 0:09 :P


Atheism sucks.

You Noob

90% of the atheists

Christopher Carrasco

3,825 Atheists disliked this video.

Catherine Lipscomb



I'm offensive and I find this video atheist

Emil Destrebecq

US atheism doesnt seems the same than European's ^^
cause we dont believe but were not fucking ashole about it xD

Oliver Moore

I am happy I don't do this on reddit.

aLLiance Gaming

As a Christian, I can say this is pretty accurate . I don't hate atheist unless they judge me for my beliefs .

Ninjihaku Workshop

> He says something I don't like. He's a dick.How everyone thinks on the internet. Have you people ever wonder why there are so many atheists in the world lately? I don't want to start an endless debate on who's right or wrong but seriously, have you ever wonder why so many people is against the church? Have any of you, politely asked an atheist, why they dislike any religion? As for me? Because it's just a way of controling people. They basically induce some fears, then tell you that if you follow a god's guidelines, you'll be fine. Think… Read more »


Basically every heartless youtuber


lol described them perfectly


I… chosse not to read these comments.


I am a Christian and I still found this funny

RT @holesinthefoam: r/atheism [KawaiiPiranha Cartoons]… – VIDEO – http://t.co/hHQ5pyfHVq http://t.co/J2DYt9QJ4C