Ray Comfort invites atheists to the creationist museum to talk – VIDEO


Not only did Ray speak to over 100 atheists, he offered a $100 bet – which he lost at the end of the discourse!



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Phoenix Brown

Atheist are stupid, at least take some bible studies to make a valid
argument against Christianity. -.-

Tom Adams

The main part people regardless of the contradictions and errors , is that we are all sinners in the eyes of God . He gave us the choice to either humble ourselves and our hearts and admit it It’s sooo simple , Just admit that we are not perfect in God’s eye’s , accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and repent your sin’s . Doesn’t mean you have to listen to Christian music all the time or give up on beer , ( just don’t t drink to drunkenness ) I still listen to my Blues , Jazz ,… Read more »

John Riley

A word to all Christians out there that spend hours trying to prove God’s
existence to atheists STOP they have no intention of accepting God they are
just full of usless questions that go nowhere Because the have nothing to
say so they argue all the time

Miriam Donnell

The message is there for you for a reason- please do not think that this life is it- that you were born without meaning- you need to acknowledge God and stop shaking your fist at him folks- this is real stuff- hell is real. If we didn’t love you we would not care to tell you that. Please, come to Christ today. Open your hearts, seek the truth- everyone knows God is there- you have to convince yourself He is not. You believe in anything other than the word of God. God promises that you can trust His word- He… Read more »


I wish I could talk to Ray Comfort and discuss with him the new Intelligent
Design, not the old ID. Is there any possible way for me to talk to him?


Man how many atheist would invite fifty Christians into a room and try to
convince them that God doesn’t exist? 

Exalphagos the Destroyer of Worlds and Bringer of Infinite Misery

If I can’t have sex before marriage, is anal okay?

Raptor Jesus

lets make this clear, ray is not stupid,
he’s a con man, he’s getting rich from selling lies and false hope to
gullible and impressionable people.
some of these famous evangelists actually have their own private jets, that
should give you the scope of what is possible when you’re abusing
gullibility to sell bulls%%t to simpletons.
religion certainly is a most disgusting and abusable mental condition.

James Brown

Ray is recording because he’s obviously going to use this as propaganda
material. I think he enjoys this since he’s normally preaching to the
choir. I’m glad we have this to compare to what he’s going to do with it.

Evenglare Valenstar

his explanation around the 2 minute mark just made me realize christians
just made a lazy religion. “The other religions require you to do stuff to
get saved, we just accept jesus and we are saved”

Daniel Filippus

Making bets is a sin, Ray should know this.

Wayne Clark

pray for these rude people


OK about the part about Judas purchasing property: In many languages today there is the equivalent of the English word “acquire.” Like in Russian “priobrel” means acquire – in contrast “buy” in Russian would be kupit. in Azerbaijani language for “buy” we use a word “almaq” which has many meanings like buy, take, gain. and so this word acquire in the original Greek does not necessarily mean that someone put down real money on the counter and got something in exchange for it. To make the long story short, the Scriptures as pointed out here by others show that the… Read more »


As long as a person is not interested in his/her eternal life and unless a person`s heart is broken and touched by God, trying to convience them about God and His plan of Salvation will give no results. I don`t say we shouldn`t spread the Gospel but when you see that a person just wants to argue and his heart is like a stone I think it is not wise to continue anymore. Gathering so many atheists who are there only to argue and with no interest about their eternity is not wise because I`m sure you can see in… Read more »

Mario Pinto

Here we go, more magic and witchcraft, the guy with the white beard sitting
up there making things like earth, (lol) so who made god? and why would a
being make us, when they can make other super beings?? a perfect world, why
give a thing the ability to kill other beings?? why not just make
everything vegetarian?? little fish eat the plankton, the medium fish eat
the little fish, the big fish eats everything, and we eat them …LOL


I just don’t believe this. No human is perfect even Christians. This makes no sense. It’s just babble bullshit. The bible was written a lot of year after supposedly Jesus was alive in an ancient language. There’s no way this was translated 100% into a book that is 100% the word of God. It’s impossible. Then, where has God been? Why does he allow evil to exist? Why does he allow innocent child to suffer with horrible disease? Then God kills a lot of people with the great flood because there evil but allows evil to exists today. Makes no… Read more »


So everyone knows, Judas did buy the field, but not with the silver from
the betrayal. The reward of his wickedness was because he was the keeper
of coin for Jesus and the apostles as they traveled, and he’d been stealing
the whole time. There’s evidence throughout that Judas was greedy. That
was his wickedness, his love of money.


Religion is dying…these guys are its death knell.
Its fantastic!
Hopefully we’ll finish with irrational beliefs that have done untold
damage. Crusades, inquisition, jihad, 9/11, zionism…all based in
Let us approach the future based on reason. On compassion. And through
science, philosophy and contemplation become truly enlightened and leave
behind these awful beliefs…

Christian Robinson

God bless Ray Comfort, I can’t stand atheists

Jacob Wilkins

If i say the flying spaghetti monster is going to attack New York because
the sins of its city as grown, who will get upset? no one. But if someone
says they have prophecy from the lord that he will attack a city because of
rebellion and cruelty, then that rises tension?? why


Ray is awesome, he’s got all those atheists eager to preach their beliefs,
and takes them on his own!

It’s good that christians are finally debunking atheists consistently again.

Seems like atheism has gone a bit sour lately, and moving into more
religious realms and copying christianity to gain momentum again.


Ray comfort is truly a muddled little twerp. His use of strawmen is a
well-known and tired tactic; and he accuses non-believers of not knowing
what occurred before the big bang. No-one does. But to say that he KNOWS is
not only arrogant and self-centred, but asinine.

John Westmon

People creation is right in front of you! Gods creation what do atheist believe? The Big Bang theory maybe?. Order can never be formed by chaos. The Big Bang theory is chaos the nebula system blowing up and forming all our planets that’s chaos!. So what about after it blows up? A blanket of green gets sent across the earth a perfect atmosphere right around the planet oxygen coming from the trees!. What about the time? If the earth has been here for 43 billion years then why hadn’t we become more advanced? And we were apes? No people assume… Read more »

Jonathan Gardner

Flying Spaghetti Monster??…….We eat spaghetti don’t we?


It is unfortunate that the dumbest persons in the room has the microphone.


Assume for a moment that the hopes of the religion of evolution are true and mankind has been on earth one million years. Start with two people. Every seven thousand years you double the population. So after the first seven thousand years you now have four people. After another seven thousand years you now have eight people. If you double the population every seven thousand years for one million years you will have 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people. That is a 10 with 43 zeros after it. So even if we kill off the countless millions of people who would have been born… Read more »

Joseph Heston

Nothing like a creationist or an evangelical getting pwn3d in his own

Joe Allen Barniak

I’m a Christian, and I have never seen a Christian versus a scoffer turn
out in the Christians favor. It doesn’t work that way. You speak to
people who are willing to listen not to those who are not willing to sway.

King Lam

I have to admit that Ray Comfort has a lot of courage to face up to a bunch
of atheists.

Natale Zorz

Oooowww!! Bible babble gives me a headache:)

Alex Sanchez

I noticed that Ray did not use scientific evidence to support the existence
of a creator.

There’s so much scientific (non-biblical) evidence out there to support the
existence of a creator but he didn’t 🙁

Ray needs to build up argumentative skills in terms of providing scientific
evidence of a creator.

Surely, there is tons! All scientific and (non-biblical). :)


what a nut job


This video is the youtube comment section made manifest in physical form. 

Stephen Ayers

Comfort should stick to simple, street evangelism. His explanations for
things were embarrassing. And, boy, these Atheists are some closed-minded
people who don’t understand their little contradictions of the Bible points
are simple misunderstandings. “Jesus’ last words”.. seriously? People don’t
understand that he can say three different things right before he dies?
People don’t understand that different accounts will produce different
writings.. and they can still be true?

Tom Riddle

On 18 separate occasions i screamed at my monitor “THAT’S CIRCULAR LOGIC
YOU IGNORANT FUCK!!!” i need some cheerios… might cut up a banana into

Source Code

Few….. have the holy ghost …… and therefor few……. can talk and
explain for “god”, teach his word and will , and what it means. (im not
going to watch this video right now but as i watched only 3 minutues of
questioning and i did not see any answers from the person claiming to know
and understand god.) (questions i could have answered with joy and passion
right off the bat explaining everything)

André Gabriel

100 atheists entered that room
200 atheists came out.

michael castner

I don’t like Ray very much but I have to give him credit for admitting he
was wrong.