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Ok, it’s official. He’s brain-damaged.

Give me strength!!!!FFS!!!!

Why does this man sound like the increasingly desperate Defence Lawyer for deranged serial killer?

Oh dear… Lol.

Also, at what point did incest become a sin? And by that not, if things can go from not being a sin to being a sin, surely the reverse is true.

It’s kind of a one-way thing. Once it’s a sin, it’s always a sin. The trick is to get in quickly and do all the stuff you can think of before it gets ruled sinful.

Ha ha! Brainless! 😀

Amazing logic lol

Stupid is strong in this one

Seriously in need of a course in genetics.

Because “incest” produces people incapable of thinking, therefore, the poster child has spoken.

There is nothing like redefining what words mean to be able to be able to convince others of your point of view.

Pretty sure the old testament is quite specific about inbreeding being the devil lol..

Believe there’s a story in genesis about daughters raping their dad or something. Getting him drunk and what not.

This is one of yours, HITF. It’s well worth posting yet again for intellectual infants like Mr. Comfort.

Only this guy gets an audience in USA not uk thank god shit I mean thank me lol

No rape wasn’t either

Oh! that’s alright then

This fucking moron is one stupid motherfucker ….

Incest is best! Put your sister to the test!

Facepalm whiplash.

And they all lived happily ever after in servitude to a magic sky man.