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Bobbie Robinson

You mean Ann Coulter? The one who sit there and let you, a liberal comedian, sexually harass her un front of your audience?
Say what you want…You still have funny moments, but Trump is still your President.

CD Smith

The Trump lie count is now at the 8500 mark. At this rate he's going to top 10k by Easter.

Ron Brittany

That was so well put and your humour helps to somehow put trumps shit show into perspective. God Please Bless America!

Stuart McKenzie

Maher your disrespect for your own President is disgusting you piss of shit

Greg Mattson

heh… bitch mcconnell.. sorta has a ring to it


If he gets away with this national emergency what will stop him from using one to suspend elections or declaring congress unfit or implement any other maniacal narcissistic delusion or Putin directed policy?

Peter Parker

This idiot president is why our country needs to get new representatives elected.

David tinch

He threw his DHS secretary right under the bus and drove over her. There's not enough money in the world to work in this administration.

Gerald Dileonardo

He an insult to every American who voted for president Trump! And hbo and the media in general

Gerald Dileonardo

When is someone going to arrest this moron for inciting "public insurrection" or "inciting riots" ?

Xavier Saavedra

Actually you know what let’s just go with it. We’ll just pretend that they are actually building the wall. So We can get him to shut up about it.

55 miles nah thats fake news it’s actually 55,000 miles

Bra-Ball Legend

When Trump's supporters realize they were promised something very long and hard and got something tiny and disappointing, they're going to want their $130-$150k to keep quiet about it.

M Abdelati

HE WAS ELECTED !!!! So all you LIBIRAL IDIOTS stop complaining … you follow the asshole named Ma'ir like rats following the piper. You request respect, but you disrespect the WILL OF THE MAJORITY …"WE the People" WILL VOTE HIM BACK INTO OFFICE… so if you don't like it .. GO BACK TO ISRAEL .. and leave the USA.

Cyavash A.K.B

wait he actually declared emergency ?

holy shit murica, what are you doing


National Emergency, we have a Russian agent in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler for treason!

Dennis Rizzi

I couldn't believe when Bill Maher said this.


This is who he is, you can keep him as your hero.

jerome Nicolazo

Remember when Sarah Palin was the madness of political arena… damn that was the good ole days