Reason Rally 2016 Protester: “Atheism is a Broken Water Fountain!”?? – VIDEO


Sorry about the shaky cam, I couldn’t stop rocking back and forth with laughter. This conversation started because I tried to drink from a broken water fountain, and this dude started yelling about the water of Jesus Christ. It was amazing. I was trying to get a damn drink, then there’s a bullhorn next to me and I hear, “ONLY THAH WATER OF JEEZAHS CAN SAVE YOU.” I hope to Satan that this guy doesn’t consider improv to be one of his strong suits.



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Heroin can make a person happy, but it doesn't mean that it's good for ya. Belief in Santa Clause can make some feel happy, but that belief doesn't make Santa Clause real. That dude with the bullhorn is deluded.

Vastly Hated

Thunderf00t turned into a black man. Interesting

Eric R. Murphy

Sounds like G Man.


lol, this guy must be a ray comfort type of Christian lol. Nice video Toby

Deep Ashtray

He is absolutely right, atheism produces nothing, offers nothing, gives nothing, demands nothing because there's nothing there. That's why I'm an atheist.


haha, holy moly…