Reason Rally: Police harassment win… – VIDEO


The police at the Reason Rally decided that they were going to try and violate our first amendment privilege. Nope.



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Mark Lucas

I don't get out much, but I can't imagine this happening in Australia. You guys have so many rights and yet you are everywhere denied the right to use them. At the Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne 2011, there was 'maximum' engagement between the religious groups and the atheists – and the security men just stood close and neither said nor did anything. I wonder if you know how outrageous a thing it seems to outsiders when we see your police acting like entitled stand-over men. It ain't good.


I'm going off on a limb here and saying this didn't happen in the 2012 rally….


Oops, I hastily assumed it was something like "Get this cis white straight male outta here" or somethin'…

Shkotay D

I am AMAZED you didnt get thrown out lol xD Those damned ridiculous rules could have made it seem like you were intending to mock these religious types. But then the religious also werent allowed. I didnt go because of the assumption that reason rally attendees were all potentially violent harassing babies who needed to be guided by their betters. I refuse to support that. They should have kept it like they did in 2012. THAT is what I wanted to attend. Now after all those ridiculous SJW groups attached themselves to the RR, I wont be spending my money… Read more »


PLEEEEEEASE tell us there's more

Wayne Hudson

Could you give a description of what's supposed to be going on here? Currently there is no context.


megaphone = micropenis

Mr. Every Color

You're alive!

Bad snaxx

More shocked that the police actually found someone at the Reason Rally.


Awe, I wanted go see more.

Johnny T Doe

if i didn't know any better that was my dungeons &dragons group last year gaming next to a prayer group, apparently disgusted by my necromancy….