Recommended Reading – Nixon’s War on Drugs: The Daddy Rabbit of Frauds


This Republic was not formed by “WE, the people” to enable the federal government of the United States to extract what it can from the weak and uniformed. Justice means fair and equitable treatment, nothing more, nothing less. President Nixon and his gang of civil rights violators utilized toxic words of art to reverse the government’s fear of “WE, the people” to the people’s fear of a BIG BROTHER government that still prevails today. Nixon’s War on Drugs was written to demonstrate how simple it is for someone of real or assumed authority to indoctrinate fear into the minds of the people. This author was fortunate enough to have lived in a time where it was not uncommon for folks to reply to an ORDER of, “You can’t sit there,” with a response of, “By whose authority do you speak, sir?” rather than today’s, “I’m sorry sir, I’ll move.”

Author Duane R. Olson suggests that no law should be enacted that will forbid or prohibit citizens “the pursuit of happiness.” All real or assumed authority need do today is issue an ORDER that “You can’t do that,” and if the “sheeple” comply, it’s the LAW! The Constitution for self-government by “WE, the people” perpetually protects and secures the people’s right to buy, sell, use, or abuse anything. If “WE” don’t demand, “By whose authority do you speak, sir,” the federal government will continue arresting, prosecuting, and taking away your life, liberty, and property. Duane R. Olson is 84 years young and continues to be frustrated by people locked away in federal prisons because of America’s war on drugs. Publisher’s Website:



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