Recommended Reading – The Most Perverted System: Christianity in America


Christians will no doubt despise this book. Despite the whining of pastors and their flocks to the contrary, Christianity is enjoying a huge resurgence in the West and particularly in America. They are not persecuted as they are so fond of claiming but are instead the loudest group around and have made their presence clear by everything from making absurd claims about rape, natural disasters and also by their hijacking of politics. Fanatical fundamentalism seems rampant, which is ironic due to the fact that that is one of the things they so love to denounce about Muslims and Islam. It’s time for people who do not adhere to antiquated fairy tales to step up to the plate and say, “Enough is enough!” This book is the author doing just that. The title of the book, “The Most Perverted System”, comes from a quote regarding Christianity by Thomas Jefferson.

In this short book some of the gaping holes in Christian theology are explored and the spin that apologetics use to try to cover them are refuted. Also covered are things you won’t hear in Sunday school, such as God ordering the murder of babies, Jesus using a parable to describe how he wants those who didn’t believe correctly to be slaughtered in front of him. It exposes how fundamentalists are telling children at church to ignore science and scientific discoveries. Children who are our future. The book also touches on absurdities in Islam as well, showing that Christians don’t have a monopoly on the outrageous.

The book also touches upon a popular theme in modern Christianity, the so-called “Prosperity Gospel” where churches teach their followers how to manage stocks and bonds and become richer, because according to them, poverty is a curse from God. That, of course, means that all those starving children around the world living in poverty are cursed by God. How can anyone believe such a thing and still consider their god to be caring at all?



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Jaaron Wingo

Good questions deserve good answers This book poses questions that Christians either haven’t thought of or simply skipped over. Every question in the eye-opening book begs for a response, every statement dares for a rebuttal, and every chapter starts the process over with a fresh new topic. Whether you’re a long time Christian, a new convert, or a undecided potential, you need to have these questions in hand. Ronald Britt has clearly taken the time to read every main part of the Bible, and it shows with each question. Nowhere…


A VERY INTERESTING READ I like the way the author compares different religions to make it easier to understand the similarities as well as the differences. I only wish the book was longer.