Recommended Reading – Shaken by Scandals: Catholics Speak Out about Priests’ Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse by Catholic priests? Cover-ups by bishops? How could this happen? What can we do about it?

Catholics and non-Catholics alike have been scandalized in recent days by widespread reports of priests’ sexual crimes and bishops’ attempts to hide the misconduct. This “complex and difficult situation,” as Pope John Paul II has called it, calls for a complex and thoughtful response. In Shaken by Scandals, fourteen Catholic leaders offer a variety of hard-hitting analyses, each focusing on a different aspect of the crisis.

The first section, “Understanding the Problem,” wrestles with these questions:

-How widespread are these problems?

-Is our sex-saturated culture to blame?

-Have critics of traditional Catholic morality contributed to this moral chaos?

-Do the roots of the crisis lie in the seminaries?

-Is priestly celibacy the problem?

-Are homosexual priests the problem?

The second section, “Responding to the Crisis,” tackles these issues:

-How can we help the victims?

-How can we support faithful priests through this trial?

-What action should we expect from our bishops?

-How can everyday Catholics help purify the Church?

-What do we tell our children about what’s going on?

-What do we say to scandalized non-Catholics?

-Can lessons from history offer hope for the future?

On all these topics and more, Catholics who deeply love the Church speak out in Shaken by Scandals to clarify the issues and point the way out of this alarming predicament.



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Laurence A. Gonzaga

Very Insightful I finished reading the above book except for a few appendices about 2-3 weeks ago. It was a pretty good book which outlines different perspectives which various Catholic commentators have on the root cause, phenomenon, and potential solution to this present priestly sexual abuse scandal.About a year ago, I would respond to every comment on this crisis, with a knee jerk reaction by saying one of many things:1. This is blown way out of proportion by the liberal…

Richard A. Libby

Fidelity to the Church is the way out of the scandals This book differs from other books about the scandals in the Church in that it is a collection of essays, rather than one work by one author. As such, it covers a wide range of scandal-related topics from a wide range of views.

James F Demars

Very informative reading I have had some intrest in this subject as to how and way this could have happened in my church,(not my parish). I need to know how other catholics see this horrendous problem, and how to fix it.This book is a good place to start.