Recommended Reading – Sin, Shame, And Secrets


David Yonke’s new book Sin, Shame, &Secrets is the shocking but true story of the 1980s ritual murder of a Roman Catholic nun that went unsolved for more than two decades — until cold case investigators arrested Father Gerald Robinson, a 66-year-old Roman Catholic priest, at his home next door to the Toledo police station on April 23, 2004.
Just over two years later, on May 11, 2006, a jury convicted Father Robinson of murder and the priest was sentenced to life in prison, a term he is now serving at a maximum-security prison in southern Ohio.
An award-winning journalist and the religion editor of The Toledo Blade, David Yonke covered the trial from gavel to gavel. Sin, Shame, &Secrets chronicles the unique and compelling case that involves startling evidence of a satanic murder, an examination of the cover-up by the Toledo Catholic Diocese, and an inside look at how cold-case investigators and the prosecutor’s office put together an iron-clad case that resulted in a conviction after just 6 hours of jury deliberations.



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How a catholic priest who murdered a nun escaped justice for more than 20 years Sin, Shame and Secrets is a book that you will be unable to put down.David Yonke starts this story from its beginning in April 1980. In gripping and almost excruciating detail, he describes the choking and brutal stabbing of Sr. Margaret Ann Pahl. Yonke tells the emotional story of how the sisters from her religious community found Sr. Margaret’s body in the chapel of the Mercy Hospital, as well as the vain attempts of emergency room physicians and nurses to revive her. He…

Barbara Lardinais

Couldn’t put down… I read this book over Christmas with much activity going on but couldn’t put it down. Living in Toledo I was well aware of the events and the trial yet only after I read the book did I understand what had really happened. I am not interested generally in this genre. This book, however, reads like a novel as far as “interesting” and reads like a documentary as far as “information”. I highly recommend it!