Recommended Reading – Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless


Why are atheists angry? Is it because they’re selfish, joyless, lacking in meaning, and alienated from God? Or is it because they have legitimate reasons to be angry–and are ready to do something about it? Armed with passionate outrage, absurdist humor, and calm intelligence, popular blogger Greta Christina makes a powerful case for outspoken atheist activism, and explains the empathy and justice that drive it. This accessible, personal, down-to-earth book speaks not only to atheists, but also to believers who want to understand the so-called new atheism. Why Are You Atheists So Angry? drops a bombshell on the destructive force of religious faith—and gives a voice to millions of angry atheists.



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Eloquence with Passion! Why Are You Atheists So Angry?: 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless by Greta Christina”Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” is a book that had to be written. It’s the inspirational, outspoken, thought-provoking, grounded on reality book that makes you proud to be an atheist. Iconic voice of the atheist movement and widely-read blogger Greta Christina provides a much needed book in a growing movement that is grounded on reason and evidence. In this exciting book, Christina replies…

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I’ve “Prayed” for a Book Like This– Greta Tells it Like It Is! 0

peter veitch

excellent Am only 50% through , already worth The price, the early angry bit made my blood boil, rightly so, have just gone past the hair dryer bit, funny as… the stuff on moderate xians, new agers etc intersting. is late . will update tomorrow when I finish . as I have already given five stars, hmm might have to give six based on current rate of progress :)Ok finished, definitiely well worth the money. The book starts with a fabulous rant of 100 things ré makes her angry,…