Reflecting on Some of Jon Stewart’s Best Moments… – VIDEO


As Jon Stewart heads into the final stretch of hosting “The Daily Show,” Truthdig has chosen some of our favorite segments from both his popular Comedy Central news satire and other news shows on which he appeared—usually to the chagrin of those shows.

The following segment is with Bill O’Reilly, Fox News pundit. O’Reilly and Stewart have interviewed each other over the years and even took part in a fake debate in 2012. Stewart often held up O’Reilly as an example of the extreme political views Fox News espouses.

Our final segment is from an interview with former Vice President Al Gore, in which Stewart asks if “mogul” Gore can coexist with “activist” Gore. Stewart exposes the hypocrisy of allowing “fossil fuel money” to buy Gore’s news station, Current News, given his frequent criticism of the fossil fuel industry.



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