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RT @holesinthefoam: Remember the good ol’ days when … – http://t.co/kSGZZ2Dcoe #Atheism #CreationistGoobers #Science http://t.co/tFb0EW6p…

According to fundamentalists, pain and even death during childbirth is God’s plan, and a woman’s penance for Eve’s original sin of succumbing to temptation and damning both herself and Adam. I think I was five or six the first time I heard that. I knew right then, this was not a religion for women, and not one for me either.

The thing that struck me was how illogical it was to punish innocents for a “crime” that someone else did, thousands of years before you were born. Makes no sense at all.

Sorta fits in with their ‘Jesus died for our sins’ fallacy. They’re all about punishing the innocent. Shit, even little babies must get baptized in Catholicism or they go to purgatory instead of heaven.