Republican Douchebag Blames Pedophilia On Secularism… – VIDEO


Republican Jody Hice, a conservative radio host and candidate for Georgia’s 10th District, suggested the removal of the Bible and prayer from schools led to …

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  1. I wonder if he thinks all of the Catholic child molestation cases were
    because the Bishops were becoming secular.

  2. This shit again We didn’t kick prayer out of schools nor the bible we
    kicked “MANDATORY PRAYER” out of Schools and “MANDATORY BIBLE STUDY” out of
    schools. You can still pray in school, and read the bible in school on
    you’re own time, but the teachers can no longer force it on the students.
    Why don’t these conservative get that not everybody in this country is a
    fucking christian we have rights too damn it, stop trying to force you’re
    asinine primitive beliefs on the rest of us.

  3. True. Part of the whole secularist (communist) agenda is to destroy the
    family, destroy religion, promote gayness, and promote pedophilia. 

  4. Pedophilia is either a mental illness or an orientation. It’s not their
    choice to feel how they feel. It is their choice to act. The question then
    becomes, are they embraced by society, or not?

    Threatening to kill pedos keeps them in the shadows. Killing pedos solves
    nothing. No. Just no.

    Shaming kids for having any sense of sexuality also keeps them in the same
    shadows as predators. Telling them that they aren’t sexual is only treating
    them as if they are dumb – when in many cases, kids know a lot more than
    they let on. I was a prime example. When adults tried to convince me that
    “sex is gross” I realized very quickly that I disagreed. That did not
    protect me, it did not shelter me. It made me desire it even more – at 8
    years old.

    In some cases, making shit rules such as “don’t have sex in the house” or
    any suppression of sexuality is only meant to make adults feel comfortable,
    and has nothing to do with protecting the well-being of the child. That
    kind of suppression can push kids RIGHT into the hands of pedos.

    And the cycle fucking continues all over again.

    Killing pedos is not the solution. The solution is to change attitudes
    about sex and mental illness altogether.

    Harsh, but it’s true.

    These people are hypocrites – covert pedos – because they’ll say, “Kill the
    pedos” and yet give their money to the pedophile Hollywood agenda by
    watching movies like Twilight.

    Not only does that give mixed messages to youth, it gives mixed messages to

    There are NUMEROUS, more extreme examples of this trend on TV, in film, and
    especially the Internet. And if you don’t believe me, check out the
    shirtless pics of 17-year-old Taylor Lautner on the set of Twilight: New
    Moon – which EVERYONE secretly idolizes.

  5. What causes pedophilia? Biology. Yes, experience can make a person realize
    their pedophillic attractions, but at the core of it, you are either a
    pedophile or you’re not. You can’t be turned into one, nor can a pedophile
    be made into a non-pedophile. It’s a matter of biology, just like being gay
    or straight. No one chooses to be into children, they simply are. Prayer in
    schools, Jesus, and the Bible are not going to change a pedophile into a
    non-pedophile (in fact, given some of the stuff in the Bible, it might
    encourage pedophilia). You can’t make a pedophile a non pedophile. Nor
    should anyone try. Pedophilia, in and of itself, is not wrong. Raping
    children is. What you can do is give pedophiles an outlet for their urges
    that doesn’t involve harming children. That’s how you handle it.

    You could also, maybe, quit stigmatizing them. Not all pedophiles are like
    Jerry Sandusky. Most never hurt a child.

  6. Is there a commandment, or verse, in the bible that says thou *shalt not*
    lie down with babies and children? Are there any commandments that say thou
    *shalt* lie down with babies and children? Either way, does the bible give
    any specific direction or prohibition regarding pedophilia?

  7. What a joke. The amount of sexual abuse in the Catholic, Protestant,
    Orthodox, Evangelical churches, Jewish Synagogues, Islamic Mosques,
    outweighs the amount of pedophilia that goes on in the Secular world. I
    will say that there is far too much abuse going on in public and private
    schools. Hypocrisy is what unites all religions, not faith.
    So called ” Judeo Christianity ” is such a bullshit term, the theology of
    both conflict. Christianity teaches the Jews killed Jesus, and the Jewish
    Talmud confirms it. So how could any Christian agree with the terminology.
    Why not Judeo Islam, or Islamo Christianity ? These guys are all fucking
    nuts. It wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t destroying the planet for
    the rest of us.

  8. Republican Blames Pedophilia On Secularism?…..

    There’s a bunch of sexually abused children by catholic priests that beg to

  9. America had prayer in schools when blacks were enslaved and discriminated
    against, Indians were massacred and Chinese were greatly discriminated
    against. There was prayers in schools when anonymous alcoholic parents beat
    their children in anonymous wood sheds. There was prayer in schools when
    priests sexually abused children. There was prayer in school when
    politicians lied, cheated and stole. There must be some kind of link there.

  10. Is that guy stupid? Based on our current understanding of developmental
    psychology, children do not understand the concept or have the mental
    capacity to consent to sexual activities. How is separation of church and
    state allowing molestation of children?

  11. So… all the cases of sex-abuse on children by catholic priests didn’t
    happen? When you decide to dogmatically live your life by following a
    “holy” book which was written by a bunch of men who considered slavery and
    women as property a normal practice, you don’t belong in the 21st century. 

  12. I love how these people do not even know their own countries
    history.Especially the part where most of the founders were secular and
    mainly deists.I am not even American and I know this.

  13. They asserted: “We have a morally bankrupt nation”. They need to speak only
    for themselves! They always make up weird shit and justify it through their
    absurd lunacy!

  14. It’s strange that between religion and secularism that religion is the one
    of the two that’s well known for bumming little children. Maybe god is a
    pedophile and that’s why there’s so much pedophilia in religion. See how
    you can just make up bullshit on the spot, it works both ways asshole.

  15. Oh yeah, I feel much safer in a Christian Theocracy rather than a Secular
    Republic as a child where they have a reasonable age of consent and
    pedophilia is punished! Oh wait…the Vatican’s is 12 and pedophilia is
    swept under the rug…huh. 

  16. 2 people who pressed the dislike button seem scary. I think a lot of
    conservatives try their best to make religious people look so bad that they
    try anything to come across being idiots. 

  17. wow…considering most pedophilia is the product of abrahamic
    religion….this guy is a retard

  18. This man, and the people he’s speaking to, believe in the superstition of
    sin directly causing physical problems (why god isn’t responsible for
    parasites and other bad features of his “intelligent design”). He’s not
    talking to anybody who doesn’t hold that unspoken assumption.

  19. What does the largest Boys4toys mens club run by the church have to do with
    secularism? Bullshitters hate Liberals because by freedom of speech
    Liberals are able and do call bullshit on frauds. Freedom of speech is our
    bullshit detector.

  20. The United States was not founded as a christian nation. Please read your
    history book, not the re-writes from the right wing nut.

  21. I guess he forgot about Mark Foley and Larry Craig, two of the biggest
    pedophiles in the republican party!

  22. Yeah we need to have God in school, like catholic schools its not like they
    have anything bad like; strict rules, authoritarian atmosphere, corporal
    punishment, child molestation…

    Oh wait…

  23. The think is Kyle, that there is actually a connection. When people does
    not have something to believe in (i mean laws, and moral, ethics or even
    religion) and you take that as well as knowledge, as well as ignorance of
    the law, you get a bunch of rednecks, fucking their sisters, fucking their
    babies, fucking animals and shit.

    It’s obvious that people need to be educated. Prefferably with moral,
    ethics and laws, but, if that is not possible, some religious grounds might
    do the trick. As you have said, religious is not bad, as long as their are
    not extremist. Everything in excess is bad, even atheism. So, there you go.

  24. Yeah, the presence of the Bible in Catholic institutions, along with prayer
    and Bible study classes, is why there are NEVER reports of children being
    molested or raped in Catholic-ran institutions. I CANNOT BELIEVE you
    failed to mention that this one! 

  25. right i guess he didn’t get the memo on all the priests getting arrested or
    in some cases protected by the church(because hey priest are so moral) for
    being pedophiles.

  26. Treaty of Tripoli “The United States is in no sense founded on the
    Christian Religion”. Signed by President John Adams and approved by

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