Response to Camo Christian’s “Why atheism doesn’t make sense” – VIDEO


I recently found this guy on the tube and felt compelled to make a response to one of his gems.
The Camo Christian’s original video:



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James Self-Standard

At least when I get defensive about my religion I don't try to attack the religion or the lack there of from others. The dude, kept stuttering and I could tell he does not have good debating skills (like me). Hearing you trying to mimic him sounded like a spot on Forest Gump, you need to use that again in the future. If being a christian keeps people from being a murderer or being jerks that's fine but if any religion including atheism makes you a jerk or makes you think your 100% right and better than everyone else then… Read more »

Robby Battle

he is a kid it looks like

Dean Richards

The guy was obviously an idiot.

Here is a fully referenced response.

Here’s what doesn’t make sense: Engaging with Christians. Period. Let’s all just move on. They won’t notice.

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