Sorry, I shall not hold back any longer…


Look, I have nothing against people grieving their own way and leaning on whatever they believe.

But whatever you do, don’t claim to “know” that your “god” has bestowed “all of us” with the same “gift of choice and chance, and to make the best of both with your life”, etc.

That’s patently absurd. Anyone with an iota of common sense should be able to understand that making an incredibly selfish and anecdotal remark like that is demeaning to literally billions of people on this earth who DON’T have any decent options or choices of any kind, not to mention little if any chance of any kind of being able to live a safe, secure, happy life like you may.

It’s easy to feel “blessed” when it’s you and yours, and when you’re in a position that in the grand scheme of things can be deemed as quite fortunate, even when things ultimately go bad and people that you care about die.

But when it comes to saying that billions of other people have been bestowed the same “gifts” as you and yours, and it’s at their expense, then all bets are off. That’s when I shall call bullshit.

Because I can readily assure you that there are plenty of people on this planet who would love to actually have 1/1000th of the “gift” that you claim they’ve been “given”. It’s insulting to the people who are struggling to survive every single day, simply because of where they were born.

And yeah, that’s unacceptable. And I shall bitch on their behalf.


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