Richard Dawkins: Creationists know nothing… – VIDEO


Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on his experience with Darwinism and why creationists “don’t know anything.”



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If brilliant people promote a system which teaches kids that they are nothing more than slime, that it doesn't matter if they kill their children if they are inconvenient, then if their own parents had practiced what they preach, they wouldn't be alive to be sure that the abortion industry will never fail.

Birth control is self control, and no one has to die for it.


Can I just make a suggestion on here…
Can people who claim to be Christians please be civil to everyone?
have you forgotten "turn the other cheek"
have you forgotten "Father Forgive them for they know not what they do?"
Don't resort to name calling and profanity in the name of Christianity.
You pervert the gospel by doing this.
Please have patience. All of us have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.
Most of us were dead in our transgressions at one time as well.
Please remember that and share the love of Christ, not the wrath of your own indignation.
Speak truthfully in LOVE:(


God's ways are not our ways. -Isaiah 55:8-9

1. He is infinite–we are finite.

2. He knows the end from the beginning while we see just a short part of the "now."

3. He knows the "whys," while we grasp and struggle for wisdom.

4. Examples through scripture and experience clearly illustrate that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, for we are unable even comprehend but a a sliver of His might and divinity. 

HiDjo B

Thats a nephlim dippy do daa. Unfortunately this guy will have all his arrogant so called intelligence brought to nought. He has brilliantly bought into believing he can be a god, he is smarter than his creator. Now just bring that down to a very basic level, whose in the state of ignorance? The one who BELIEVETH ON THE CREATOR OF ALL, or the one who believeth earth and man came from a big bang of cosmopolitan soup and a rock. He cant show me PROOF of evolution. As a matter of fact sciences own set of rules CRUSH the… Read more »

Carlos Ruiz

You atheists know nothing it's funny.all i have to say is please learn you're own religion before you back it up plz…. Watch Kent Hovind seminars, just watch the first 25 min of any of the 7 and you'll watch and learn you're own RELIGION cuz none of evolution is fact not one it's belief… And don't learn you're own religion because i tell you to but have pride in you're words if you're gonna teach… Or talk period know facts before you actually open you're mouth…. When you do God will be waiting to forgive you're ignorance… Even Charles… Read more »


NASA has proven through the Hubble space craft that planets are actually formed with the exact same description as described in Genesis– Creationism is science 

Roz Mer

Christians hate what they don't want to hear. its sad that people are so brainwashed to believe in bronze age nonsense.

The-Travel-dreamer Free Kent Hovind!

"thats a silly question.. it doesnt deserve an answer" -Clinton Richard Dawkins

Jack Light Anderson

The only good thing about this video is that music at the end

Fernando Rodrigues

Dr. Dowkins is an great evolutionist fanatic and he is filled with hate. The way how the Darwinian theory has been pushed down to People's throat seems much like what religion has been doing with people along of the years. Evolution is an amazing and fascinating theory, but it has great contradict points that are never taught in public education systems. This is far to be fair. If there are multiple choices, they should be given to people, not only one. All the possibilities should be addressed as long as there are reasonable aspects to do it so. If on… Read more »

Archangel 大天使

If I meet God I wouldn't believe him

Dutch Guitar

Type in youtube: atheist professor in hell
Watch the video and listen to what he has to say.

Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

The little voice of the eternal critic promoting it's version of superiority
This Is the evil seed from the hateful garden in hateful eternity
Right now this excitable little evil seed is on a hateful feeding frenzy, Why nothing can challenge it's hungry natural right to lead 
How hungery exciting it must all be like a hungry little superior dream.

Keith Anderson

To anyone who thinks creationists hold back mankind then stop using science because we started all the branches of science

Keith Anderson

Wow i knew he was dumb but this is realy dumb. It must be easier to believe in a book writin by darwin which was realy realy dumb than beilive in a book which knew scientific facts long before scientist found them. The BIBLE. I realy hope when you meet GOD and you will you ask him which one he is in that same snarky way you did here and i hope i get to see that moment


i love dis guy


GOD I love Richard Dawkins! (Seriously, I adore him – he's brilliant!)

Bjørn Wikan

fednis i love how you dont want me to reply to your post, I must say you lost, and again you go downt the road of ridiculing me, you just dont have any good point to make,
i like it when people like you break down like this, just show how week your arguments are. 

Piet Padda

It seems that explaining evolution to someone is the easy part; finding someone that comprehends and will listen is the harder part. The sad part is talking to people who falsely construes, on purpose, the evidence to fit with their false views. Doing any form of research with a predetermined conclusion in mind will harm your results; the conclusions should come from the data itself eg. Researching an alternative energy with all literature hand-picked from sources that support it rather than a balanced choice. I cannot, and will not, purposely ignore all credible sources that point otherwise to my views… Read more »

bizmark D

The earth is 10,000 yrs old. God did it all. All evidence to the contrary is God's way of testing our faith. He created fossils and the like to test our ability to turn off rational thinking and give in completely to faith and belief. Then George W Bush came along and invoked the name of God when invading Iraq and brought together all the religious people of this great county to unify against the satanical evil that is embedded in all terrorists and…oh screw it I'll just be an atheist. Just too hard to keep my brain in the… Read more »

Michael Russo

Richard Dawkins: Creationists know nothing

Stephanie Wharam

Creationists know nothing……. but we knew that 😉

jim jimjim

Should I ever stand before god, I will spit in it's fucking face and tell it that it failed miserably.


Who cares about them, they don't know shit

Jack Rettinger

He is a role model to me, and has an answer to almost everything.  
He is a brilliant man 

Alex Sanchez

You're not a true atheist until you learn the cosmological, teleological, ontological, and moral arguments and refute them.

If you can successfully refute them, I can guarantee you, you will be the first true atheist to do so.

Not even Richard Dawkins can do it. He failed miserably in some debates. Good luck!


I love how Creationists try to miss use the sientific method to invalidate evolution and dont put any of there owne mythology up to the same scrutiny. NumberONE : Your going off of an anchent book that was passed by vocal storys then writen and translated mutipule times with parts put in and taken out.  TWO: No one has seen god or explained how he created live and complex organisms.People who still think that Creationists are right have not relly looked at the evedence or has been brain washed by there family and social cult. Creationists beliefs dont belong in our advanced… Read more »


"Which god are you?"
"I am Sarcasticles, the god of irony."
"Oh–now I understand."

Samuel Babisha

Richard Dawkins Is beyond foolish

RT @holesinthefoam: Richard #Dawkins: Creationists know nothing… – VIDEO – #CreationistIdiots…

RT @holesinthefoam: Richard #Dawkins: Creationists know nothing… – VIDEO – #CreationistIdiots…

RT @holesinthefoam: Richard #Dawkins: Creationists know nothing… – VIDEO – #CreationistIdiots…

I sometimes wonder if the people who comment on this have even read the bible ?