1. The opening question by Dawkins is stupid. I know people who worship Thor
    among other gods of that sort, some Irish people are still pagans too. I
    mean just because its not in the mainstream doesn’t mean people still don’t
    worship them. She might not believe in Thor. But that’s like asking why a
    Muslim doesn’t believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God or something to that
    effect. Its not really relevant. People have different belief systems,
    simple as that. Some believe nothing exists, again another belief system. I
    fail to see a problem with letting people believe what they want to and
    follow a path that makes them happy. Who is it for anyone to question
    anyone else on beliefs. Why do people always seem to get so bent out of
    shape about things. Get the fuck over it and move on. How often are you
    gonna see that same person again? Probably never, so don’t lose any sleep
    over it and go do whatever it is you do that you enjoy and fuck off.

  2. here we go, the bullshit morals argument . . .
    that man is an idiot saying we can’t have our own morals

  3. Christians don’t like atheists because the Church – all churches- are a
    money-making scam & atheism threatens their economic base.
    That & the opportunity to practice sexual perversion.

  4. There is a lot of truth in everyones word. But you have to consider that
    just as Christian prays are forced upon children just as much as atheists
    are trying to force their way of preferred thinking into the system. The
    problem is, that the other one is already forced and the other one isn’t.
    The only solution to this problem is to separate the two individual groups
    from one another when it comes to schools.

    In other society though, now that is far harder subject to solve.

  5. That last woman was right, no nation has ever survived homosexuality for
    very long. Well, there was the Greeks and the Romans but who cares? They
    only conquered the known world. I mean, no gay man was able to accomplish
    anything in those societies. Wait, Wasn’t Alexander The Great gay? 

  6. I find it so ironic when a black man in America talks about getting morals
    from the bible. The bible says that owning and beating slaves is not
    immoral and I’m damn sure he doesn’t think owning another human is moral.
    So reverend where do you get that moral from because you sure as hell
    didn’t get it from the bible.

  7. “Atheists are trying to impose their god less life styles up on Americans
    and Christians” …sorry but I think its more “The majority of Christians
    are trying to impose their life styles upon others” ….

  8. As a Non-Christian Religious person I find the argument that atheists are
    morally bankrupt to be offensive to my common sense. To me the capacity to
    make a moral decision without consulting a magic tome to be morally
    superior. Especially when that tome encourages things that even some of
    it’s most fervent believers find to be morally bankrupt.

  9. Dawkins said it perfectly. Atheists are hated because we question. We ask
    and want proof. No religion in the world wants to be questioned. When you
    ask someone about the validity of their religion, they get offended.

  10. How many straight Americans have been changed into homosexuals because
    homosexuals have gotten marriage rights in a handful of states.

  11. Sally Kern sounds like a vile human being. She needs to look at the
    Scandinavian societies which have better welfare, more equality, less
    poverty and are still going strong today, despite giving equal rights to

  12. Many of the founding fathers were deists. People saying we were founded on
    Christianity are either uneducated or liars.

  13. I have no problems with the gays, I believe in freedom, I am an atheist,
    but the last comment has historical truth, at the height of the Roman
    empire, the Greek empire, even the samurai, they all accepted being gay as
    commonplace, and then the society fell. This sounds like a good argument
    for not liking gays, but it is bullshit. These societies also were big into
    painting when they fell, can we blame painting for the fall? You can’t
    blame the gays unless you are willing to blame the painters.

  14. I think it’s interesting how a completely neutral standpoint ( having no
    religion in schools ) is seen as Atheism. By not leaning towards anything
    it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is leaning towards none at all.

  15. This fucktard says he gets his morality from the bible, but i bet he hasnt
    murdered a single child, fucking coward.

  16. A black man saying he gets his morals from the bible. Maybe he wouldn’t
    mind being my slave in that case?

  17. I don’t think its belief like dawkins said its just saying hey! theres no
    evidence here there is not a god! I don’t think you need to believe that
    but believe or think true what proves it wrong

  18. “Studies show that no society that has fully embraced homosexuality has
    lasted more than a few decades” Seriously where do these people get their
    facts, it’s like they just pull it out of their ass and expect us to
    believe it. All I gotta say to that lady is Greece, Rome, and

  19. I feel bad that the black guy is loud, ignorant and interrupts the other
    speakers. Way to perpetuate black stereotypes!

  20. That guy gets his morals from the bible? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Hes
    just another person who doesn’t know what theyre talking about

  21. For an educated black person, especially, or anyone to say, without any
    hint of irony or reservation, “this great country was built on the idea of
    God, family, and the constitution…”, automatically makes me question your
    commitment to truth and honesty…i.e., I don’t trust anything that comes
    out of your mouth thereafter! We have become, often times in spite of
    ourselves and our actions, a great country (in certain measures, very
    debatable by others) with many lingering flaws and shortcomings. We began
    with a slave-holding, genocidal God concept (think of the African and
    Native American experience here), an exclusive idea of family (i.e., a
    black family was not a thing at all…any semblance of black family could
    be broken up or destroyed at any time for any whim), and a hypocritical
    exercise of the constitution (all men certainly were NOT created equal, in
    our beginnings as a nation). Can we all finally just be open and honest
    about these glaring truths of our collective history?? 

  22. lol John Roberts used to be JD Roberts on Canada’s version of MTV in the
    80’s, he had long hair, looked like Mike Myers in Wayne’s World

  23. People accuse Dawkins of being “strident.” But, I think this is what’s
    really going on: Dawkins is a *great* communicator of science and biology
    and evolution. He’s also good at writing and lecturing on atheism.
    But…when he gets in a room, or 1 on 1 interview, with theists…their
    utter INSANITY and absurd reasoning…frustrate Dawkins. He’s an
    intelligent man…*far* more intelligent than most of the people he
    interacts with on a daily basis. When confronted with such stupidity, I
    think he keeps his cool better than I could. But…he doesn’t keep it as
    well as say, Hitchens. He gets too frustrated, though I understand. It
    sucks our best atheist communicator, Hitch, is gone. Matt Dillahunty is the
    only replacement I can think of.

  24. Not even Christians get their morals from the Bible, which is why they
    won’t mention this part when they make the bullshit moral argument:

    Exodus 21:19-21
    “19if he gets up and walks around outside on his staff, then he who struck
    him shall go unpunished; he shall only pay for his loss of time, and shall
    take care of him until he is completely healed. 20″If a man strikes his
    male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be
    punished. 21″If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be
    taken; for he is his property.…”

    So it’s fine to beat your slave so badly he dies as long as he lives on for
    a day before dying? Great morals.

  25. The next time a Christian asks you where you get your morality from if not
    the Bible, say ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Silmarillon’. When he/she says
    people from those books aren’t real, it’s your turn to question if God
    exists/existed. Then sit back, grab a popcorn, and watch them struggle to
    bullshit their way out of the conversation. Wear a fire-proof shirt though,
    they might try to burn you at the stake for heresy.

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