Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist John Mackay – VIDEO


Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist John Mackay- Religion Debate


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Anthony Sparapani

This guy is an absolute TOOL! FULL STOP!

Drew Norton

richard dawkins is bullying his way through the debate and answering his own questions as most atheists do in all the debates! he will not and does not ever listen to anyone other than himself! most atheists just blindly follow him and believe whatever he says! it is a good example of the the blind leading the blind!

Michael Sapp

i cracked up a couple times

Agustine Pimentel

holy bullshit!

Over Analytical

"The past cannot be taken as truth." So, Mr Mackay, do you have a mother? She surely created you, and she was around when you weren't. So are you telling me she isn't real? Must be not. So it must be that the past is a basis for truth…. Maybe you are telling me that something so long ago cannot be taken as fact. Well, your mother has a mother; and so on. So, it seems the root of your argument is, not that the past cannot be taken as truth, as that was just proven to be false, but… Read more »

Al San

john is doooome :)


Any mom of any faith who tells her children for instance..that science lies or gay marriage is wrong….is a bad mom today….teaching hate and delivering a clearly evil message…

Jeffrey P

"You weren't there and I wasn't there!" Truly mind numbing!

Keyboard runner

IF there was a devil, wanting to drive rational people away from god, he would send people like John Mackay.
No one can demonstrate more graphic how the process of believing rots the brain.


He honestly believes that Darwin's theory is responsible for all the different disciplines of science….converging on an age of the earth which is far older than 6-7,000 years old……I mean seriously, how delusional is this guy…..

Simon Randall

Humans have harnessed electricity, split the atom, rockets to the moon, space shuttles, computers, the internet, cell phones, modern medicine and antibiotics….and we just cant seem to accurately date how old rocks are?

Benjamin Jones

Why in the name of Satan's perineum are we letting this mentally ill lunatic speak to children?

stewart william

UNBELIEVABLE, almost makes you want to cry:
Dawkins (an adult) having a conversation with a child dressed up as a grown-up.
Why bother … leave him in his religious nursery and stop wasting your time!


according to this guy, your mom is not 45 years old, because you were not there, so we don't know.

Katherine Manrique

John Mackay won on this, Richard Dawkins is a liar


It is always painful to see how someone is completely impervious to any argumentation. There are some people who just don't care about the truth. They make up artificial and philosophical arguments to make their claims seem as reasonable as scientific evidence.

RT @holesinthefoam: Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist John Mackay – VIDEO – #Atheism #CreationistIdiots #Xtian…