Richard Dawkins mimicking creationist Wendy Wright… – VIDEO


Richard Dawkins on Wendy Wright and accepting the word God. Richard Dawkins talking about his interview with Wendy Wright.This video is hilarious. Must watch ! You can watch the full interview…



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I watched that interview twice. it was sooo frustrating: Ms. Wright was
always asking for evidence, and whenever Dawkins started to present it
(e.g. telling about different hominin forms), she just laughed & changed
the subject. That happened like 6-7 times.
She doesn’t have a clue, but doesn’t want to listen & learn either. Those
are the worst ppl. Her stupidity & ignorance is on par with Sarah Palin or
Ann Coulter. 


I have been very close to death on two occasions and not once did I think
of gods or any such thing. I am in cancer treatments now with a fifty
fifty chance of surviving cured. I am not praying or giving any thought to
gods or the idea of an afterlife. I do not want to die, there is much I
still want to do, but I am not afraid of death itself, only the potentially
ugly process, which I intend to avoid the very worst of. Death is

Christa Stempel

I remember that interview with that woman, she was soooo revolting, it made
me cringe.

vishal B

“Show me the Evidence! Show me the Evidence!”
10Hr Version
Humanity needs this!

card hutt

if your a grown adult and you think that there are magic people in the sky,
your a fucking idiot. pick up a book other than your magic book. grow the
fuck up. this little rock we live on has real problems


that wendy wright video was so goddamn infuriating


now I really want to watch that interview with Wendy Wright. but first I
need to get drunk :)

Charles Hill

Zeebazu: I don’t remember exactly where I learned about the “X” chromosone. I have been aware of it for a long time and am pretty sure I came across it while trying to understand the fact that all dogs came from wolves (200 different breeds) and was also interested in how we came out as so many different races when DNA evidence tract down the first people on earth came from Africa. Neither the dog question nor the race question can be attributed to evolution. It appears that all the different races began when the “X” chromosone mutated. The mutation… Read more »


That interview with Wendy Wright was painfully unwatchable. Prof. Dawkins
might well have been speaking with himself whenever he mentioned the
evidence she was demanding. I was ready for her at any moment to put her
fingers in her ears and shout, “LA! LA! LA! LA!”

Hadi Haridi

funny how all these evolutionists look so butthurt in the comments section whenever they see there hero getting owned,,,,what is even funnier is when they gather up and thumb up a comment supporting their idea and then be happy about that XD that still doesnt change the fact that the huge majority of the world believes in an intelligent source behind all of this, i mean if energy and mass can neither be created or destroyed and only conserved,,then what on earth do you think created the source of mass and energy around you ? athiests would say “we dont… Read more »


hahaha the ending killed me!

mikeyy B

I just wanna punch her square in the nose when I see that stupid fucking


Lol, he’s such an asshole 🙂 


I love that Dawkins blushed when he gave his answer about saying the word
God if he was on a plane going down.

To the pure all things are pure.

hahaha did he blush there a little around 4:05-4:18?

Manos Agtzidis

I think for me… it is pretty easy when I start a conversation with a believer. For example a christian. Have you fully read your religion’s manifest? The Holy Bible? 1st case of answer: – No – You should, you ll become an atheist. 2nd case of answer: – Yes – Do you believe EVERY WORD OF IT? For example the Creation of the COSMOS in 7 days? Where nowhere in Genesis says that this explanation of God’s creation is metaphoric..? – No – Why not? – (No matter what he responds) – So, you choose what to believe and… Read more »


I don’t Understand Richard Dawkins, he wants everyone to let go of Religion period! do not believe and do not think there is anything after death? what is he purpose of having no faith, no hope after death, no need for a God. My point is, If there is nothing after we die, then why worry about how many people you kill, rape, the whole YOLO mentality, the I will do as much evil and damage as I want because I have noting to worry about when I die. I know there has been a lot of bad things in… Read more »

Deniz Y.

haha he is such a great guy :D

Ken Page

“Show me the evidence, show me the evidence…”

Doc Reasonable

Sometimes I exclaim ‘Jesus fucked me!’ but I don’t mean it literally.

sinkezie .

Richard Dawkins has been exposed to the idea that if you pray to God he will save you. In his subconscious there is the idea that if you pray to God he will save you. When the plane will be crashing down, even if he doesn’t believe it, Richard Dawkins’ brain will do whatever is possible to survive, thus it will use its last resort: the information in his subconscious that he heard that there might be the possibility to survive if he prays to God. So whether he likes it or not, his brain will make him pray, because… Read more »

Larry L

Some isolated odd ball cases and not thousands of everyday now living
examples of transitional changes from kind to new kind, is the BIG problem
we have. Macro evolution lacks this proof, but we do have the the “You just
need to study and see it true” demeaning coming from so many who are blind
to the truth.


i think the word God is interchangeable with fuck. For God’s sake. For fuck
sake. God knows. Fuck knows. Oh God. Oh fuck.


I pretty anti-religious but, when I am in great pain I do ask god
(whichever one he may be) to help me if he can. hey, it cant hurt anything

I specifically say “on the chance that you exist”.

Michael Brown

Here is an idiotic excerpt I got from listening at atheist Dawkins interview with atheist Richard Dawkins. I particularly love the part where he attempts to retrace the evolution of a self replicating live molecule into an actual brain. Obviously for the atheist peer, rational would mean that everything ought to be explained atheistically. *Jon Stewart* : When did life begin? Does that make logical sense? *Dawkins:* Well, you don’t have to draw the dividing line, you can say that the origin of life as a gradual process, you could say that the origin of life in the womb is… Read more »

Charles Hollingsworth

$50 bucks to whoever edits this video to show Richard saying, “show me the
evidence,” with a 10-hour continual loop.


I will show Wendy my 2 inch penis and she will believe there is no god.


I actually shouted “Oh, GOD!” for once, when I was watching Dawkins’
interview with Wendy Wright.
What can I say? It was ugly…

Anyway, congrats on your video having the best goddamn thumbnail of any
video on YouTube! ;)

Christine Audet

All i see is two arrogant pricks


dawkins didn’t give any good argument he mentioned the horse evolution
which was disproven decades ago and also dna is actually the biggest enemy
of evolution


I dare you to go watch the whole interview with Wendy. 🙂 I was really
painful to watch. My brain was screaming “STRANGLE HER”! :D

Locutus Borg

Trying to watch that video as an atheist is like fighting Giygas from
Earthbound. The fail just grows and grows until it becomes disturbing, and
then it keeps going until you are filled with a Lovecraftian dread for the
future of humanity.

“You cannot comprehend the true from of Wendy’s ignorance.”

Charles Roba Greene

Whoever coined the phrase “dumb blonds”, must have known Wendy Wright!

Jones Smith

Ok I’m an idiot. When that caption revealed that was Brian Greene I was
like, “HEY! That’s the dude who wrote Fabric of the Cosmos” How did I not
know what he looked like?

Mariah Hugh

I watched the interview, I didn’t even make it past 10 minutes………

Etienne 777

The Darwinian religion cannot produce the evidence for there is no evidence
supporting evolution, only creationism. You two gentleman seem so
intelligent, but as God says, you are both FOOLS.
Cant resist using God’s name in vain, now can you gentlemen, your
condemnation is just as God’s Word says. A true scientist also wouldn’t
sound like a talk show host looking for an applause by ignorant

David Oliver Pratt

The funny thing is that religious people keep emphasising the phrase” show
me evidence”. I find this a little bit weird, since evidence is exactly
what religious based areguments, isn’t based on. So in a weird way, they
are actually agreeing with Richard Dawnkins on the fact that you need
evidence to support a case, but when it comes to the questioning of gods
existence, then evidence doesn’t aply..

Ryan O'Neil

Why do religious people get to request evidence, but are never held to the same scrutiny? Why does Wendy Wright assume that reality needs her personal ‘sign-off ‘ in order to be true, and if the evidence doesn’t make her feel a certain way, she gets to dismiss the “silly scientist” and go on assuming that invisible things exist? Is it because Christianity is older? And because it is older, the new kid on the block, empirical science, has to prove itself? By that line of logic we should at least be Hindus, as it is far older than any… Read more »


If the plane would go down. I would scream ohw THOR!!! OHW ZEUS!! Help me
from this terrible tragedy.


dawkins has excellent fashion sense


I would love to think that we have a purpose living life on earth. But
evidence points out that none of all religions today gives a clear

geraldimafly degrul

OMG I must have repeated the “show me the evidence! show me the evidence!”
part like a 100 times…soooo hilarious! Richard Dawkins is a freaking rock
star hehehe

logan cooner

Wendy Wright. dumbest person alive on earth.

Poppy M

So true, these “debates”are totally pointless. Atheist scientist and
creationists don’t even agree on the terminology of what science is. You
can’t have a meaningful debate that way.