Richard Dawkins reminisces on his interview with creationist dingbat Wendy Wright… – VIDEO


Here’s that classic interview if you haven’t watched it yet…

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Suddenly Smart

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, an agnostic, writes Physicists calculated that for life to exist, gravity and the other forces of nature needed to be just right or our universe couldn’t exist. Had the expansion rate been slightly weaker, gravity would have pulled all matter back into a “big crunch.” We’re not talking about merely a one or two percent reduction in the universe’s expansion rate. Stephen Hawking writes, “If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe would have re-collapsed before it ever… Read more »


You dumb Leftards are so into control,you even feel the need to direct the
commentary of your fellow Antitheists.Do you EVER tire of being a cliche?

Gary wood

Dawkins wants to believe that he derived from apes , nough said.

Dean Fowles

so how is wendy wright scum? see videos like this are the reason atheists
have a bad name.

Guy Fawkess

00:48-00:50 someone should make gif from that part


Dawkins is a biologist Wendy Wright is not this is called a straw man
debate and the ONLY ones Dawkins can win.

Felix Burke

I’m no creationist, not the six day verson anyway BUT there is a lot of
dishonesty in the way that fossils are collected and identified. Does
Dawkins ever question his own work ? I doubt it.




If Dawkins was serious about proving religious bafoons wrong he would
simply point to Astrotheology and show them how basically every religion
came from astronomy, planets star systems and the sun in our very own solar
system. All of it is a metaphor for things that exist naturally in outer
space simply personified over millennia into characters such in the Bi Bull


The problem with “scientists” is that they have either forgotten how to be
human or they simply don’t know how.

Nor Cal Theologians

dawkins can be over the top but fundamentalists are a problem. I am a
Christian but to say the earth is 6,000 years old? wow, just wow.
fundamentalists have a zeal but deny knowledge like the apostle Paul
states. The Bible is not a science textbook, we need to see that


Sciantist’s ! Stop letting the Devil do all the thinking for you and turn
to God’s word, You will then find what you’re looking for.What’s that you
ask? It’s Salvation. Freedom from Satan’s distractions. Distractions like
books, universities, science, biology, astronomy and best of all Evolution


Belief trumps fact, every time.

Matt Vogt

Faith is not evidence…


More like Wendy … Wrong. BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, kill me.


Ok guys, time to name the guy on the right. 


I was kind of struggling with whether or not the guy to his left was
religious or not.

In any case, he made some good points. I guess it’s something to see people
articulate genuinely interesting questions for once. 

Gilberto Mertins

I tried to answer to some (religious) people that commented the video, but
I have given up and did comment on no one. In most of them, a non-religious
person is explaining in a very coherent way why this and that happen; the
explanation may be right, may be wrong; but the usual answer that religious
people give is “you are a moron” over and over (which is quite revealing
about their capacity to think).

Atheism VS Religion

Hahahaha, all your titles call creationists “Scum” and “Sub-Human”.
I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but laugh.

Ante B.K.

Open mind is a must, not clinging fanatically to any view, be that even evolution! Because in next 100 years we could as well find new evidence that says something better or deepens the knowledge of evolution. That’s why it’s also important not to look down on religious views because you can’t possibly know if there is some truth in it, you can just read as much as you can and if you do that you can start seeing that there is a hidden link between all teachings. Religion is mainly a case in philosophy and theory about human existence,… Read more »

Gblili H

This man is SO IGNORANT!!
Poor litle man :-(

Alex Williamsom

hey! I recognise you from a comment section!


All hail Richard Dawkins, great and true forever and ever! j’dore monsieur


I saw the interview. The problem was that Wendy Wright couldn’t help but be
defensive. If she hadn’t opposed Dawkins at every turn, regardless of
merits of what he said, she would have been crucified by her fellow
“Concerned Mothers of America” (or whatever it is they’re called). All in
all it was a pretty pointless conversation.

ViNcEnT RoSs

Creationists are ridiculous, but calling people scum is in poor taste.

cameron corbett

no, we only lose when we quit…. and i shall never stop questioning all


Is this guy interviewing Richard a Bill Maher impersontator?


why is she wright when clearly she is wrong. lol

Fernando Herrera

I’m sorry but I laughed so hard when he mocked her xD amazing! XD

Bob Jones

There’s nothing really wrong with you talking to your dead father if that
makes you feel better, as long you don’t actually REALLY believe that
you’re talking to him directly.

Captain Princess


Why Agent 007 that’s quite harsh. Has your experience in the field taught
you nothing of The Poker Face?

Patrick Kilduff

Yes…Richard Dawkins has changed the world without even knowing it. Just
another example of evolution. Even our thought process can evolve.
Especially when there are people like Dawkins, who can articulate what I
already suspected about the Universe. Thank you Dawkins for all your

kevin b

Darwinian darwin say it enough time’s dick and you too can be an ape! ape
the same lines over trashy of you to demonize a fellow ape! The
self entitlement of Dawkins is so sickening and yet no one see’s through
his disguise of hatred. notice also the trigger word “Science” used over
and over and over as if the mantra has to be repeated endlessly as a
reinforcement to the argument. piss off dawkins.

Gilberto Mertins

Mr Hawking did said that the gravity force, the proton and electron mass
ratio etc need to have an exact value to the universe exists; however, in
the next part of his statement (omitted in the commentary bellow) he also
said that this much possibly imply the existence of many universes and we
just happen to live in the one which life is possible. Anyhow, eternity is
a very long time, so the universe had more than enough time to ‘try to
exist’ – with the wrong constants – just to disappear in the same moment
till it found the needed values. 


=== THE definition of a brainwashed person is – Someone who refuses to hear
the evidence presented by the other side. So check this video first —
Evidence For a Young World – Part 1 with Dr. Russell Humphreys. (Skip the
first minute).


Your tendency to use emotive and derogatory language is counter productive.
You are lowering the argument to the level of the creationists and that
only plays into their hands. They believe they are justified in their
opinions of atheists.

MJ Abdelrazzaq

Interesting to watch? I almost shot myself in the mouth after the first 15

m beginization

Why didnt Dawkins take a Tablet, photos or note book with examples if he
really has them to show people, drawings wont cause people to trust him


His interview with her was so hard to watch. She just can’t use logic, and
actively refuses to use common sense.

Leslie Rhinehart

Gee, everybody who has an orgasm must believe in God.

Emma Bancroft

Prof Hawkins does not use terms like ‘creationist scum’ , so why use it in
the title of this recording? To the casual observer it implies that he