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Right Wingnuts Riled Up By Obama’s ISIS Escalation, Karl Rove Claims Obama ‘Squandered The Peace’ Bush Left In Iraq

Conservative airwaves and blog-waves have been going wild with revisionist theories in the wake of President Obama’s speech regarding his administrations policy regarding ISIS/ISIL in Iraq.

As The Village Voice reported yesterday, “There was Dick Cheney, who emerged in Congress from a cloud of mephitic vapors to make sure all the GOP grubs stayed in formation (and was applauded by the Wall Street Journal, which announced “Dick Cheney is Still Right“); John McCain, whose wrongness on Iraq is legendary, hollered at Jay Carney that Obama should heed his advice; Lindsay Graham, who helped McCain spread WMD bullshit in 2003, raised the specter of “an American city in flames” due to ISIS; Karl Fucking Rove said Obama had “squandered the peace” that we guess was previously lurking somewhere under the rubble Rove’s boss left in Iraq, etc.”

Also, there was Peggy Noonan, who after 9/11 was stalking the streets of New York looking for “Mideastern looking men” to glare at; last week she said Obama was “playing golf while the world burns” (haw haw Obummer likes golf). She said Americans had opposed a Syrian adventure in 2013 because of their “depth of disbelief in Mr. Obama’s leadership,” but today back an anti-ISIS adventure because they’re suddenly interested in the fate of persecuted Christians in the region, which insight was perhaps revealed to Noonan in a visit from the Blessed Virgin.

Rove made his comments during a roundtable discussion on the September 14 edition of Fox News’ Fox News Sunday with Fox News Host and Senior National Correspondent John Roberts,  Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, and Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers. The four were discussing foreign policy and its potential impact on a possible Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016.

ROBERTS: The path to the White House goes straight through Iowa. That’s precisely where presumptive Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is today. So is she gearing up for a 2016 run? Our panel is back with us.

When you look at Hillary Clinton, she has got vast foreign policy experience, probably more so than any potential Democratic candidate out there, but the Democrats are facing a lot of problems when it comes to the president’s foreign policy.

HUME: It will be interesting to see what she says about the president’s plan for dealing with ISIS. It will be interesting to see what continuing effect things going so badly in so many places after her being secretary of state for four years, has on her political standing, not just among Democrats where she remains wildly popular, especially in Iowa, where she’s, what, 59 percent. Nobody else has 15 or more than 15. Those are things to watch.

I think it is, as most people do, highly likely that she’ll run, but it’s not guaranteed. And I think it’s likely if she ran, she might win, but that’s not guaranteed either. We all thought that back in 2007, that she was a shoe-in, and look what happened. So, you know, straight-line projections in politics are dangerous, and I think they’re dangerous in her case.

ROBERTS: What’s the effect on her, do you believe, Kirsten?

POWERS: We don’t really know, because we don’t know what’s going to be happening in the world if and when she runs. So if things are stable, then it probably will look good to her. If things are not stable, then I think it won’t look as good, because she’s going to be held accountable for whatever President Obama leaves. And right now, look, if the election was held today, I think it would be a real problem for her.


ROVE: It has already been a problem. Take a look at her approval ratings. They have declined precipitously since she’s left the secretary of state office. What was interesting, we’ve had a spat of polls this last week, in the Wall Street Journal poll, 47 percent of Americans say the world is a less safe place; only 26 percent say more. And 52 percent of women say it’s a less safe place.

And Republicans in the Gallup poll have a 55-32 lead over the Democrats on which is the better party to confront terrorism. So she’s already suffering. And my sense is look, who thinks the world will be a much safer, placid, peaceful place in two years? The president is suffering because of the policies of his administration, squandered the peace, and have led to the circumstances we find ourselves in today, and she was the secretary of state during the first four years of his time in office.

You can watch the clip, below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

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